DOOL Fans! You Asked, We Got the Answers

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Blast from the past: Soapdom connects fans with cast and writers

Jason Cook (Shawn), Kirsten Storms (Belle), Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) and Kyle Lowder (Brady) of DOOLDays of our Lives fans met the call of duty when we proposed the following:� "If you had the ear of Ken Corday (DOOL, EP), the writers, or your favorite character, what would you ask?"

Almost immediately, we received tons of thought-provoking questions that hit to the core of what DOOL fans want to know about their favorite show.� Many fans had the same concerns.� We took their queries straight to the source to get the answers. We had to limit the number of questions due to time constraints, as cast and crew were busy celebrating their 13-week winnings ratings streak, but of the�questions we were able to pose, we got thorough, candid replies. Here's what TPTB and cast of Days of our Lives said back to you!

wordgurl's question was for Matt Cedeno (Brandon). "I'd love to ask how he feels about his character, and to define who he thinks Brandon Walker is. I like the guy � he has made about as many mistakes as Brady due to lack of communication. But he seems to get the raw deal and all the negative stuff that goes along with it.� How can he enjoy playing that role?� What does he see happening down the road, and is his character redeemable?� I think there is a lot of potential there."

Cedeno: "Brandon Walker is a man with many colors.� He is genuinely, at heart, a good man. He has compassion.� He loves kids.� He works with kids. He loves his mother and sister unconditionally.� But he's troubled by his past.� It's haunting him.� He can't suppress those feelings that he has.� They are surfacing. He needs to address them, otherwise he is going to be a very complex and complicated individual.� He has no choice but to address them soon. They are bubbling inside him.�

Matt Cedeno (Brandon)"The character is a lot of fun to play.� He started out a really dark, troubled, and a violent character, and that's starting to resurface again now. It's coming full circle. It's beginning to make sense why I've been nice to so many of the girls and helping everybody out. The Abe issue is finally being addressed. I can see it in the scripts to come. And I am really excited about that. Brandon is finally going to be able to deal with the issues that he's had suppressed for so long.� For a while, I just wasn't sure which direction things were going. I was playing around with Jennifer a little bit, and Sami was still on my mind, and Lexie --� I've always been a best friend to her.� Now it's been settled that the situation with Jennifer is not really working out. We broke up.� So, I have Sami chasing me a little bit and I have the undeniable feelings and chemistry towards her, and Lexie is also in the picture, but she may or may not be part of a master plan. It's a little shaky at this time.� I do have genuine feelings for her, she's a good friend, but she's also attached to my arch enemy � Mr. Abe Carver.�

"I want to thank the fans, and I'd like to thank wordgurl for thinking that Brandon is getting the short end of the stick."�

Gorgeousbmw98, greta2242, Iacopelli, kissykisses, KaseRessicaFan, PatchnKayla, Nia and bcholly, wanted to know the reasons behind the Brady/DiMera feud.� Why it started, and if it would ever be resolved?

Co-Headwriter, Paula Cwikly:� "As long as we've got Brady's and DiMera's�"

Co-Headwriter, Peter Brash:� "�that onion will peel.� Slowly, but it will peel. It's going to take a while.� Actually, there are some big, big, hints this summer, at a big event that will air on July 20 or thereabouts.� It's something that happens in the DiMera living room when many of our cast visit the DiMera's house!� And that's an historic event.� We get hints from that and those hints will pay off down the road in the future!"

Executive Producer, Ken Corday:� "We are getting to (revealing all) that.� In the next six months, by Thanksgiving/Christmas that (storyline) will really be on the fire!�

The Teens of DOOLLiz25, bigleague, pfeffernuse, and Nia were all interested in the Chloe/Philip/Brady triangle and regardless of which couple they were rooting for, they had to know what was going to happen with either Chloe and Philip, or Chloe and Brady.

Cwikly:� "It will be resolved�"

Brash:� "�and it's going to be a really, really hot summer for both couples! We see it like a seesaw going back and forth. So, I don't think that any of the fans on one side or the other will be disappointed over what happens this summer. But eventually, in the future, it's going to have to be resolved."

Cwikly: "To have two camps (the Phloe's and the Broe's) that are so closely balanced is a testament to the characters and to the actors. They (the fan camps) are all very passionate and we (appreciate) it."

Lakota, greta2242, krazyC, LadyBelle, Kevinsgirl729 and MoonlightShadows want Sami with Lucas and asked if that would ever become a reality.

Alison Sweeney (Sami)Cwikly:� "Sami and Lucas will always be connected. They may be more connected at some point then they are now. They are, in my mind, magnets. When they are facing the right direction, they attract each other. When they are facing the other direction, they repel each other.� There was something there once.� They were good friends. They had a child. There may indeed be something there again.� Lucas does leave Salem for the summer, but he DOES come back. We have already written his return, and we have some things cooking.� (Sami and Lucas) are just simmering right now. We have some stuff boiling with Sami and some other people, but Lucas and Sami are simmering."

Corday:� "I am going into a writer's meeting now for what's going to happen in November.� Lucas will be back!� Sami and Lucas.� Wouldn't that be a couple from hell?"�

Alison Sweeney (Sami) to Ken Corday:� "Can you imagine the flashbacks you could torment me with for the rest of my life? Oh my gosh!"

Kevinsgirl729 wants to know "why it has taken so long to give Kevin Spirtas (Craig) and Patrika Darbo (Nancy) a dramatically emotional storyline when they seemed to have proven in the past that they could obviously handle it and SHINE?"

Cwikly:� "We have a huge cast and we love them all. I've said this in another interview, but it's true � the nature of soaps is that you have backburner and frontburner and people move around�"

Brash: "�and they were on the backburner�"

Cwikly: " �for perhaps longer than they should have been�we inherited some of that.� There are some people who never leave the front of the stove, but there are other burners up there, and people rotate in and out.� And they have a big story coming up.� It starts with Chloe's leukemia, but it's a bigger story than that, and doesn't just revolve around that."

Kevin Spirtas (Craig)Brash:� "Those fans will not be disappointed. (Nancy and Craig's story) is all summer and into the fall. They have a lot of really great stuff ahead."

wordgurl and just peekin in wanted Mimi (Farah Faith) moved to the frontburner.� They feel that she could be a character that in the future, becomes one whom they would reminisce about.

Cwikly: "I think we, starting with casting, hit the ball out of the park with these kids.� I love them all.� And I have been watching Days of our Lives literally since I was about ten years old. And I remember Bo and Hope (when they) were the Belle and Philip and Brady and Shawn and Chloe.� I remember Days before there was a Brady family. I remember when Roman Brady first came on. If the show went by what some fans are saying now, none of those characters would exist, because when Roman first came on, and started to have parents and a brother, they would have said, get rid of this new family, we don't want them.� And who is Bo and Hope and Jennifer, who were all aged up, and where would we be without them today?� When you are on for 37 years and going for, God willing, another 37 more, it's got to be multi-generational. We've got to build the young characters. Peter (Brash) and I have said from the get-go that we've got to have a sense of balance. I love everybody and I want to see everybody, but not to the exclusion of everybody else.� I consider myself and Peter the biggest fans of the show. I have been watching for half the life of the show. I may not remember everything, but I remember a lot!"

Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) and Matthew Ashford (Jack)Many fans had Jack and Jenn questions. Cathie8791 and Melanie want to know "with Jack and Jenn back on the show now, will they ever be together again?"

Cwikly:� "God willing they are both going to be back for a very long time! Yes, of course there's hope, because there is such an intense love.� But there is a wide gulf that has to be bridged.� I think we are seeing the beginnings of the building of that bridge starting now. They fell in love by working together first. Maybe magic will happen again.

Stevie M wants to know "why was the Spectator given to Jenn and not back to Jack?"

Cwikly:� "Jack screwed up!� Jack is lucky he has a job after what he did.� Jack's heart is always in the right place. He just doesn't always go the right way to get there. I think this is a Jack who has learned from his mistakes, but I think Jack will always be the 'knee-jerk' reaction of the couple, and Jennifer will be the 'think it through and decide.'� Jack tends to act before he thinks. Jennifer is ready, aim, fire! Jack is ready, fire, aim!� Sometimes that gets him in trouble. I think he is going to try to be better, but that's who he is.� Sometimes that 'ready firing' thing takes over."

Other fans wanted to see the return of Patch and Kayla, Kristen, Mike and Carrie, or Isabella. (Staci Greason is currently recurring in the role of Isabella and will be seen throughout the summer!) Azryl asked, "With Tony coming back is there any chance of bringing Anna back too? They were so good together."� But just as many fans wanted to see the currently running characters given more airtime, with the return of old favorites kept to a minimum.�

There were many other exceptional questions, like Mary Beth's "Why can't Sami be given a story in which she discovers her self-worth and isn't chasing some man," or auntieviv's "If you DO put Jack and Jenn back together, then what will you do to keep them from being hell's boring?" and garbos2000's "Why doesn't (Corday) set a precedent and force the writers to come up with a good story for Caroline/Shawn/Maggie/Mickey/Doug/Julie/Alice.� They are the diamonds in the Days crown, and its disgusting that they are reduced to props, especially when they are some of the most talented players and some of the only ones to take Days to the Emmys in years past," and all the many more wonderful questions.� Alas and alack, we didn't have time for them all.�

Thank you everyone who submitted questions.� We expressed your overall appreciation and enjoyment of the show of late.� We also learned that Alison Sweeney (Sami) is a frequent visitor. Hi Ali!� For those whose questions didn't get asked this time, stick around. We'll do this again, soon!



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