DOOL Fall 2003 Previews

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What DOOL's head writer has on the table for fall

Soapdom Special DOOL Fall Previews! 

James E. Reilly’s back in full swing as headwriter and you can bet he's got a whole lot of surprises in store for the denizens Salem.  Here’s your first sneak peek at what he is cooking up for the Fall on Days of our Lives!

James Reynolds (Abe)


Abe's last day in Salem is Monday, September 29, 2003. But where does he go? How does he leave? Is he gone for good?


A serial killer wreaks havoc in Salem.

Kirsten Storms and Jason Cook (Belle and Shawn)Belle and Shawn make a major decision about their relationship.



Farah Fath (Mimi)Eric Winter (Rex)Mimi questions her relationship with Rex.




Missy Reeves and Matt Ashford (Jen and Jack)Jack and Jennifer’s marriage is tested.




Ali Sweeney (Sami)Sami tries to dig herself out of another hole.