DOOL 2003 New Year's Previews

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With the new year comes new twists on Days

John Aniston (Victor, DOOL)Soapdom Special 2003 DOOL New Year's Previews

A deadly shooting at Nicole's wedding to Victor launches the biggest mystery to rock Salem in decades and tears many couples apart.

Kristian Alfonso (Hope, DOOL) and Peter Reckell (Bo, DOOL)

Hope, in the fight of her life, wrestles for control over her sanity while Bo risks his career to protect her.  Larry continues to menace Hope in a very diabolical way.

Melissa Reeves (Jen, DOOL) and Matthew Ashford (Jack, DOOL)


Jack risks his freedom to protect Jennifer.  After Jennifer decides to plan a future with Jack, she suspects her night with Colin will have lasting ramifications.

Kyle Lowder (Brady, DOOL)


Against Chloe's wishes, Brady investigates Tony DiMera, but his investigation could lead to tragic consequences.  Chloe leans on Brady when she fears her leukemia is coming out of remission.  Nancy and Craig await the birth of their baby.

Jason Cook (Shawn, DOOL)
Shawn wrestles with his conscience and he keeps a huge secret from Belle, which puts a strain on their relationship.  Cassie vows to get Shawn for herself and she grows closer with Shawn when they share an explosive secret.  Belle contemplates leaving Salem for a while.

Thaao Penghlis (Tony, DOOL)

Tony rejoices in the news that he may be Cassie and Rex's father.  John's hatred of the DiMeras grows when Marlena strongly believes that she is also related to the twins. Tony makes his move after Kate and Roman have an argument.  A plan gone terribly awry leaves Tony's life hanging in the balance.

Alison Sweeney (Sami, DOOL)Sami panics when Brandon feels a strong bond with Lexie's unborn baby. Lexie and Sami declare war against each other.  Sami keeps a secret from Brandon that could rip them apart forever. Sami uses Jack to ensure her survival.

Arianne Zukor (Nicole, DOOL)


Married life for Nicole certainly isn't what she bargained for.  Just what's in store for Nicole and the rest of the denizens of Salem in 2003?  Flip that remote to Days of our Lives and see!