Daytime Stars in Waterfront, a Primetime Pilot

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At the "Waterfront" Daytime goes Primetime

Abby Wathen and Michael SaucedoCurrent and Former Soap Stars Take a Shot with Shooting a Pilot Presentation for a new Televsion Series

What do you get when you mix sexy ex and current soap stars, a hot script and a
nightclub? Answer:  Waterfront…an edgy project that's part 90210 and part American Idol. Full of 20-something American and Latino characters, it's sure to be a hit.
The list of ex-soap stars includes Kale Browne, Priscilla Garita, Kurt Mckinney, Scott Reeves, Michael Saucedo and Anna Stuart…they really went with the best of the best. ATWT's Anthony Herrera and GL's Gavin Houston are also integral to the plot.  OLTL’s John-Paul Lavosier is in the pilot episode as well. International star, Lupita Ferrer, is also featured.

Gregori J. Martin (Waterfront Creator/HeadWriter) with Kim Sky and Scott Reeves.The brain child of creator Gregori J. Martin, cast and crew of Waterfront is about to produce what's known in television production as a "presentation for a pilot."  It's where the actors come together and film about 15-20 minutes of the story so network executives can see the project on film.  It's the hope of producers that once shown to networks, one network will pick it up as a pilot and underwrite the funds to produce an entire episode.

John-Paul LavoiserTo kick off the production for the presentation, and introduce the actors to each other, a fabulous party was held at the beautiful Sheraton hotel in Newark, New Jersey. Unfortunately, Kale Browne and Anna Stuart weren't present, but the rest of the talented cast was there and I got a chance to chat with all of my favorite ex-soap stars.

The first person I cornered was Scott Reeves, looking rather hippyish, yet handsome, with long hair and big sideburns. Since kicking the bucket on Y&R, Scott's been keeping busy with his music. He also recently finished writing a movie, which will start shooting this spring. "It's called Burn," he said with a stunning smile. "It's very exciting because I get to be part of the entire process.

Scott Reeves "I'm also thrilled to be a part of this. My buddy Michael Saucedo was the one who got me involved in Waterfront. My character, Lee Nelson, is a young guy who aspires to be a police officer. He's married to Janice Redmond
Nelson; they run into quite a few problems as time goes on and as he gets closer to achieving his dream.”

In real life, Scott's delighted with his marriage and family. "They're amazing," he said with a grin. "I couldn't be happier.”  Scott is married to Melissa Reeves who plays Jennifer on Days of our Lives.

Beautiful Priscilla Garita plays Scott's wife on the show and met him for the first time a few minutes before we spoke. "Tonight's the first time I'm meeting everyone," she laughed.

"This is a nice introduction. We start shooting, in Yonkers, on Sunday. We'll be on location, outside a nightclub. I was born in Yonkers, so it will be neat to work somewhere that I have a connection to.

"I play Janice Redmond, a scorned woman. Janice has a lot of problems and
issues that she's dealing with. The world is against her and she has to
figure out why. She's acting out because she's miserable and jealous…there
are a lot of things going on with the character and I think her actions will
speak much louder than her words."
Priscilla and I both miss Sunset Beach, where she played Gabi. "I don't
think I'll ever be able to work on another project like it. Everyone was so
happy to be there. They were a really cool group of people to work with. We
were one big family. It was a blast. It was so sad when it was cancelled,
because so many people followed it and loved it." I agree!
Kurt McKinney, Anthony Herrera, Kim Sky and Greg MessinaAdorable Kurt McKinney (ex-Matt, GL and ex-Ned, GH) plays Gabriel on Waterfront. "Gabriel will be involved with Melody," he explained. "I play an attorney. Hopefully I'll be involved in a lot of storylines because of that. I'm looking forward to it. So far, the stuff that I've read is really good;
It's intelligent writing."

Kurt McKinny (Gabriel) and Kim Sky (Isabela) WaterfrontSince leaving GL, Kurt has appeared in a couple of independent films, including The Gray Area and Sins of the Father. "I'm staying busy," he said with a smile. "I miss GL. I have a lot of good friends there that I still keep in contact with. I went out to California for pilot season and visited the GH set. "I stayed with my old pal Kin Shriner and saw Lesley Charlson and
Stuart Damon."
As I talked with these talented actors, Scott played his guitar and entertained the partygoers. When he was finished, Michael Saucedo and two of his friends (Jon Huertas and Paul Duncan) sang. They were all incredibly talented.

Gavin HoustonGavin Houston, who plays Remy on GL, is excited about playing nineteen-year-old Terrance Shepherd. "He's a troublemaker," explained Gavin, who is absolutely stunning in person.

"Terrance wants to get his way and he'll do anything and persuade anybody until he gets it. He's Kenny's right hand man. His father owns the nightclub where everyone meets and he wants to get involved in the music industry. And because Kenny has a recording studio Terrance looks up to him.
"My character has a sister named Tania. She's engaged to Darryl and Terrance doesn't like Darryl. He likes Kenny and wants Kenny to be with Tania. Terrence gets a lot of information out of his sister, so he knows
secrets that he shouldn't…and he's a tattletale," Gavin laughed.
"He tells Kenny things that he's not supposed to know, just to egg him
on. He'll do anything to see to it that Kenny ends up with Tania.

"I'm really excited about this project. There are so many storylines and
there's action and drama and suspense. I think the sky's the limit. I'm going
to do my best and I hope it's going to take off."

Scott Reeves and Michael SaucedoMichael Saucedo agrees. "After reading the script, I was thrilled to be involved with this," he stated. "I play Will Ramos. He's a troublemaker, too. He harasses Sara, causing a fight between himself and Lee (Scott Reeve's character). I can't wait to kick Scott's ass," Michael said with a laugh.

"I brought Scott into this…and my buddy Jon Huertas. Jon and I have been friends for eight years. He's been on Moesha and Sabrina. He's got a movie on HBO right now called Borderline with Gina Gershon. We sang together in a
group called Shades of One and did a pilot together a few years back."

Soap fans know Michael as Juan on GH, where he met his wife Rebecca (who
plays Liz). "I had a good time on GH and have only good memories. It was a
great opportunity and a great experience. My marriage came out of it…"
Michael and Becky have a baby named Ethan who recently turned one.
"Everyday is a new adventure. We taught him sign language because babies
can't talk until they're around two and can't express themselves, but with
sign language they can communicate.
"We started when he was four or five months old. The greatest sign that
he's learned has been 'all done' (Michael shows how it's done.) A lot of
kids, when they can't speak and are done with their food, throw it on the
floor or throw a tantrum. When Ethan's done eating he signs 'all done' and
when he's done in the bath he signs 'all done.' It's been great… It's terrible being away from them. This is the first time Becky and I have been away from each other."
Anthony Herrera and Lupita FerrerSoap great Anthony Herrera plays the patriarch of the show. "He's a very interesting character," he said. "I'm looking forward to this project. In the meantime, I've been very, very busy on ATWT; James is so misunderstood! And I'm writing a book called The Cancer War about bone marrow transplantation. I'm in remission. I've been in remission for two years. I'm feeling very good
and fortunate to be alive and working.
"I'm also excited about , a website that I created and am producing where, right now, you can see actors performing poetry.
"It came about when Willie Nelson suggested I put my one-man poetry show on the web. It wasn't possible at the time, but it is now. After I got it up and running, I went to Willie and asked him to read some of his lyrics on the site and he did.

"And Charlie Durning is an old friend of mine. I was having lunch with him,
one day, and he offered to do it. And I'm getting some ATWT people to do it.
It's great."
Be sure to visit Anthony's website, as well as Michael's--which is And keep an eye out for Waterfront. I can't wait to see it!
Tasha Guevara, Dee-Morris and Scott ReevesThe Cast of Waterfront

John-Paul Lavosier, Gregori J. Martin and Gavin HoustonA Few Words from Waterfront Creator/Headwriter, Gregori J. Martin

As mentioned above, Waterfront is being produced as a presentation.  It is a way to get the idea on film in a more cost effective manner.  According to Creator/Headwriter, Gregori J. Martin, "At the present time, the project (SAG Experimental) is done on spec.  The script is formatted with the capability of being sold in various venues...  TV Series (Daytime/Primetime), Mini Series, Indie Film...  etc. We are not a TV Pilot...  We are doing a presentation..."

Anthony Herrera and Lupita FerrerMartin is proud of the amazing cast of past and present soap actors that he has assembled.  "We have Anthony Herrera (James ATWT), Kale Browne (Michael AW, ex-Sam OLTL), Anna Stuart (Mary AMC, Donna AW/ATWT), Kurt McKinney (Matt GL, ex-Ned GH), Scott Reeves (Ryan Y&R), Michael Saucedo (Juan GH), John-Paul Lavosier (Rex, OLTL),  Gavin Houston (Remy GL) and Priscilla Garita (Gabi SUNSET BEACH), " he said.  Not to mention Spanish-language acting sensation, Lupita Ferrer. 

"I'm presently looking to cast the role of Kurt McKinney's love interest and the younger daughter of Kale Browne and Anna Stuart (Who will once again be playing husband and wife)...  Exciting, huh?"

It sounds very exciting, and Soapdom wishes Martin all the best in taking this project to the screen!

Photo Credits:  All photos Sue Coflin & Dariusz Uczkowski