COME CLEAN – Wishes for the New Year

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More fun couples, less Daddy guessing, put the dead to rest, and give us something to smile about


Hunter Tylo (Taylor, Bold and the Beautiful)Katherine Kelly Land, Jack Wagner (Brooke, Nick, B&B)Happy New Year!  Doom, gloom, death and destruction were the themes for 2007.  My wish list for 2008 is to have more love, happiness and humor.

Network Honcho’s: Take notes, the viewers are giving you a road map!


Couples are paired with lightening speed.  If a couple has three dates that means cue the wedding proposal. No sooner do you accept this rushed coupling than the writers break them up!  You are left scratching your head saying “Why?  I liked them.”

I haven’t figured out why the writers and producers think that viewers do not like and support happy couples. Tom and Margo on As the World Turns are rarely on the front burner. But this year they celebrate their 25th anniversary. A 25th anniversary should be so duly noted and in a big way!

Also in Oakdale, Henry and Vienna were one of those rushed pairings thrown together literally over night. These two have chemistry and bring that playfulness and light heartedness that As the World Turns is sorely missing.

One Life to Live fans are just giddy over the pairing of Vicki and Charlie. Days of our Lives viewers are huge supporters of John and Marlena. And General Hospital stumbled on a goldmine with Sonny and Kate. Hello honcho’s, we want couples to stay together. Most of the couples mentioned represent ‘mature love.’  They are not the scantily clad, teeny bopper crowd.

New Rule for 2008: Give us more stable couples. When you put them together, keep them together for a while. Reduce the bed hopping. 


This story plot has been beat to death. Let it go!  Baby switching/paternity tampering has become a soap staple. But must every birth be unwanted and unplanned?  Let people be sexually responsible in this day and age!  Viewers like it when a baby is born to a couple that wants a baby.  Just about every soap had at least one paternity issue last year. Over on the Bold and the Beautiful, they created an egg switcheroo and we got a  ‘Who’s the Momma drama.’  But in the process, they torched the makings of a happy storyline and a future super couple. Taylor and Nick really wanted a child, got married and set about trying to make that happen. A mix up in the lab caused Taylor to be artificially inseminated by her arch nemesis of twenty years, Brooke!
New rule for 2008: No more than one character can have a ‘Who’s the Daddy’ storyline and limit that to every two years.  


Have you noticed that dead characters come back a lot quicker these days? In days gone by, a character would die and it would be at least a couple of years before they returned. Now a character dies and they are usually back as a ghost within the first month.  For instance:  John Abbott on the Young and the Restless.  Alan and now Emily Quartermaine on General Hospital.  Most recently, John Black on Days of our Lives. Get off the fence writers! Once you commit to killing off a character, then follow through and quit trying to have it both ways! 

New rule for 2008: No ghostly returns during the first year of death.


Resurrection of a “dead character” is another overused storyline necessity.  Paul Ryan on As the World Turns has been presumed dead twice in the past two years!  I’ve lost track how many times Stefano from Days of our Lives and Sheila on the Young and the Restless have returned from the dead! After multiple deaths and returns, the element of suspense is gone.  Viewers no longer trust that the writers are being truthful when a character dies.  Network honchos, if you like the character that much, then why attempt to kill them off?  What is with this death obsession? 

New rule for 2008: A character can only be presumed dead once every five years.


Most of the storylines are serious and adult situations. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring levity or laughter to just about any situation.  In real life, we all have a silly moment. We laugh, giggle or do something amusing. Why can’t that happen on our soaps? Humorous does not necessarily mean campy. Give us something to smile about.

New rule for 2008:  Lighten up! Let someone laugh or do something funny during the week.

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