Christmastime in Soapdom 2002

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Our gift to you - a peek at holiday story lines

What the Soaps are Airing this Christmas!

As you finish your last minute shopping, wrap the last of the presents, and bake those chocolate chippers for Santa, Soapdom has a special gift just for you!  Here is what’s airing on your favorite shows this Christmas!  Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us at


Cady McClain (ex Dixie, AMC, Rosanna, ATWT) and Michael E. Knight (Tad, AMC)All My Children   Airs 12/24/02

Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) plans a Christmas gathering for all her friends and family, while keeping her deceased husband in her thoughts for the holidays.  Meanwhile, the Martins host a gathering, with Erica (Susan Lucci), Brooke (Julia Barr), Adam (David Canary) and Chris (Jack Scalia) all in attendance.  Should be quite a blast!  However, in an emotional moment, Brooke reminds Tad (Michael E. Knight) that Dixie will always be with him as they gaze up toward the stars……  (sniff sniff)

As the World Turns   Airs 12/25/02

Martha Byrne (Lily, ATWT)Take a trip down memory lane to Oakdale in 1985 on Christmas Eve.  You’ll catch a glimpse of  the original Dusty Donovan (played then by Brian Bloom).  He’s back in Oakdale in 2003, see what made his character intriguing in 1985!  You’ll also be treated to former fan favorites Kevin (Steven Weber) and Frannie (Julianne Moore!)  Merry Christmas!


Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip, DOOL)Days of our Lives  Airs 12/25/02

It’s Zach’s first Christmas and the Brady’s celebrate in style.   Across town, Abe (James Reynolds) and Lexie (Renee Jones) share a heart-felt and romantic Christmas as they exchange gifts. Later, it’s a touching moment of reconciliation and forgiveness thanks to a young baby boy and Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) big heart.  Mickey (John Clarke) and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) bring cheer to the hospital as Mr. And Mrs. Claus, but the hankies will most definitely be needed as Philip says goodbye to Salem.  Sniff sniff…

General Hospital  Airs 12/24/02

John Ingle (Edward, GH)The annual party at General Hospital finds Edward (John Ingel) playing Santa and, as in years past, Alan (Stuart Damon) reading the Christmas Story. Cameron (Lane Davies) grants Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) her Christmas wish and arranges for her to hold her baby!  When Alexis probes Cameron about his past Christmas celebrations, however, he shuts down. Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Becky Herbst) finds herself alone on Christmas and ends up spending time with Ric (Rick Hearst).  Sniff sniff…

Guiding Light    Airs 12/24/02

Beth Ehlers (Harley, GL)Revisit Springfield on Christmas Eve ten years ago as GL airs an episode from December 24, 1992 and airs it this Christmas Day.  You’ll see current fan favorites, Michelle, Lillian, Harley, and Ed, along with gone -- but not forgotten -- faves Nadine, Bridget, Alan-Michael and Maureen.  What was going on in Springfield ten years ago?  Be sure to check out this Christmas episode and see!  Merry Christmas!

One Life to Live   Airs 12/23,24,26/02

Ty Treadway (Troy, OLTL)Todd (Roger Howarth) tries to take credit for Sam’s (Laurence Lau) thoughtful Christmas present to Blair (Kassie DePaiva). But Scrooge-like Todd does find the spirit of Christmas in his children.  Nora (Hillary B. Smith) makes a shocking discovery and Troy (Ty Treadway) makes a Christmas Eve proposal, as Lindsay (Catherine Hickland) spies the intimate moment.  Gabrielle (Finoa Hutchinson) insists that she is not upset that Bo (Robert S. Woods) did not propose to her.  But when the couple has a quiet holiday moment alone, he makes a surprising declaration!  Meanwhile, Lindsay and Jen (Jessica Morris), void of the holiday spirit, have unfinished business with the men in their lives.  For his own safety, Cristian (David Fumero) is forced to stay at Llanfair, close to Natalie (Melissa Archer), and the star-crossed couple find comfort in each other’s arms.  Later, Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) is determined to uncover the truth about the paternity of Liz’s (Barbara Niven) baby, but he puts aside the investigation for an untraditional family celebration.  Will it be the Christmas Eve that Keri (Sheri Saum) and Antonio are hoping for?  Maybe…just maybe…

Passions   Airs 12/26/02

Lindsay Korman (Theresa, PAS)As Christmas unfolds in Harmony, a concerned Angel Girl observes from above.  Instead of hot apple cider there’s trouble brewing at the Bennetts.  They do their best to get into the holiday spirit.  Theresa has a wonderful gift for her family, but Pilar finds it difficult to accept.  Over at the Cranes, the prodigal son returns. How will the Cranes react to their surprising Christmas gift?  Across town, the Russells share some tender moments as sisters Eve and Liz reminisce about their childhood. 


Port Charles   Airs 12/24/02

Thorsten Kaye (Ian, PC)Ian (Thorsten Kaye) takes Danny (Walker Flemming) to visit Eve’s grave on Christmas Eve and voices his hope that Danny will one day have a large family with which to spend Christmas.  Meanwhile, Lucy’s (Lynn Herring) heart melts when Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) tells Serena (Carly Schroeder) and Christina (Caitlyn Maggio) the story of his wedding day (on Christmas Eve) to Lucy and how they became a family. Then, the power goes out all through Port Charles, and only the Christmas tree in the park remains illuminated.  Residents are all drawn to the tree, where they are reminded of the magic of Christmas and sing holiday carols.  Awwww…