B&B's Penny and Pucci!

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Sydney Penny comes to B&B as pet-loving Samantha

Sydney Penny (Samantha) and Read with Caution - Contains Scoopage!

On July 17, 2003 Soapdom reported in our Suds Buzz column, that not only was Sydney Penny (ex Julia, AMC) on her way to Bold and the Beautiful as Samantha Kelly, but the character would be armed with her faithful pooch. (Click Photo for Enlargement)

Want to know a little about the pup in question?  Sure you do!  His real name is Willow and he is a boy.  Willow is the only dog used in the taping of scenes. Willow plays the doggie character named Pucci  --pronounced like Gucci, but with a "P."   From the looks of it, Pucci (and Willow) is a Pomeranian.  Just how is Pucci going to impact Samantha and her dealings in town?  We will have to tune in to find out.

Here's more!  We now have the buzz on the character of Samantha Kelly. She is a renowned interior designer and family friend of the Forresters on The Bold and the Beautiful.  She is a childhood friend of Ridge's.  We can't help but wonder if they may have shared more than just friendship between them. How far back in childhood -- that's what we want to know.  Grade school? High school?  Like as in high school sweethearts?  Sounds interesting, no? Time will tell.

Sydney Penny (Samantha, B&B)The stunning Sydney Penny was born in Nashville, Tennessee and grew up in Los Angeles.  She has worked on numerous films and television series throughout her career.  Her career began in earnest at the age of six when she appeared in a commercial for a ballerina doll, "Dancerella."  Sydney went on to do scores of commercials pitching products such as Barbie, McDonald's and Pop Tarts.  At age 10, Sydney was chosen to portray "Young Meggie" in the ABC mini-series, "The Thorn Birds". She played opposite heavyweights Richard Chamberlain, Barbara Stanwyck, and Jean Simmons, earning her critical acclaim and a Youth in Film Award.

Penny appeared daily as "BJ Walker," in NBC's daytime series, Santa Barbara. Her portrayal of a young woman living with the secret of incest earned her a nomination for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Leading Actress.  Penny moved to New York to appear as "Julia Santos" on the ABC daytime drama, All My Children, where she became highly popular as part of the super couple, Noah (Keith Hamilton Cobb, now starring on Y&R) and Julia.  Sydney returned to television in the WB series, "Hyperion Bay," created by "Thirtysomething" writer, Joe Dougherty, followed up by a recurring role as "Josie Oliver," a cocaine-addicted kidnapper on "Beverly Hills 90210."  Penny recently played ex-CIA agent "Joy Arden" in the syndicated series, "Largo," co-produced by Paramount and M6, and filmed in Montreal and Paris, airing worldwide.

Sydney Penny (Samantha, B&B)Penny speaks French fluently, and is conversant in Italian and Spanish.  In her free time, Sydney takes pleasure in entertaining, cooking for her family and friends.  She has a deep appreciation for all types of music and classic films.  Penny also loves gardening, hiking as well as practicing martial arts, kickboxing and yoga.

Penny lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Robert who is an artist. They have two cats and a horse.  She celebrates her birthday on August 7th.  She is 5’5” with dark brown hair caramel colored eyes.

Watch for Sydney Penny as Samantha Kelly and Willow as Pucci first airing August 12, 2003.