B&B Summer Previews 2003

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What's happening on B&B in Summer '03

May 28, 2003
This just in....

Watch for Ridge's new short hair cut the week of June 23-27, 2003!  What spurs on his new coif?  Tune in and see.

Soapdom Special June 2003 Summer Previews
Direct from the Desk of Bradley Bell

Susan Flannery (Stephanie)


Stephanie gets a new roommate.  Is this an arrangement that will please her?

Katherine Kelly Lang ( Brooke)


Brooke makes a fresh start, but will the past interfere?


Bobbie Eakes (Macy)

Macy’s discoveries lead her in an unforeseen direction.  What does Macy uncover?



Sean Kanan (Deacon)

Deacon’s determined to be a part of his children’s lives.  Will he succeed in his quest?



A fatal accident affects many lives.  Who causes the accident and whose lives will be in danger?  Stay tuned to the Bold and the Beautiful this summer!