B&B November Sweeps 2003 Previews

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What comes in November and with the New Year for B&B

Soapdom Special B&B November Sweeps 2003 Sneak Previews

Amber pulls out all the stops to get her man!  Will this strategy work to her advantage?

Brooke worries that she got too close to Nick for things to ever be the same with Ridge again!  Does this mean things will end for Ridge and Brooke?

Sally uncovers a secret about her worst enemy.  What juicy tidbit does she uncover?  What's more, what does she do with this newfound info?

In the meantime, Deacon concocts a daredevil plan to help himself and Sally.  What does Deacon have in mind?  Will his scheme work?

While on the other side of town, Bridget finds herself tempted by an old love!  Who is the lucky man? 

But wait...


Okay, so that's about it for November Sweeps Sneaks. But hang on to your keyboards, B&B fans -- Soapdom's got your first look at the first of the New Year on Bold and the Beautiful! 

Coming up in 2004...

Amber has developed strong feelings for Oscar and in early 2004, these feelings push her to cross the line. What will Amber do this time?

Speaking of feelings, Nick is inspired by his growing feelings for a new person.  Who is it?  What's more, do they feel the same way?

Meanwhile, Samantha has been hovering in the background and now, with the way things have gone for Ridge, Sam seizes the opportunity!  Question is -- what does she do and how will she benefit?

On the other side of town, Brooke finds a source of love while facing a new challenge. Could the challenge have something to do with a certain pregnancy?

At the same time, Deacon sets a new goal and will do anything to attain it.  What or who will stand in his way? 

You are just going to have to stay tuned to The Bold and the Beautiful this November and into the first of the year 2004 to find out what happens next!