B&B Fall 2003 Previews

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Get a hint at what unfolds this fall 2003 on B&B

Soapdom Special B&B Fall Previews!

Updated: September 11, 2003

First Look Photos from Brooke and Ridges Exotic Wedding!  Click Thumbnails for Photo Gallery enlargements!  Photos (c) CBS.

Updated:  September 2, 2003!

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)Below we said that Brooke gets the wedding of her dreams. Well, we just found out that Brooke and Ridge remarry in an exotic location!  Can you say totally romantic? Will this be the together forever marriage for these two?  Time will tell.

With Ridge now spoken for, Samantha offers support to Nick. Is romance in the cards for them?  Can a rebound relationship be a lasting one? 

Speaking of Ridge, the unthinkable occurs when he is kidnapped!  Who are the kidnappers and what do they want for Ridge's return?  How will Brooke deal with this latest strife in her relationship with Ridge?

A new Marone with a questionable past comes into Bridget's life.  Why is his past suspect?Could he be the man of Bridget's dreams?  Stay tuned to the Bold and the Beautiful this fall and see!

Reported August 14, 2003

Susan Flannery (Stephanie)With the help of an old friend, Stephanie gets a new look and a new attitude. 

Rick and Amber come to a major “crossroads.”

Brooke gets the wedding of her dreams.

A man with a secret life comes to L.A.  This intriguing stranger brings danger and romance into a young Forrester’s life.

Jack Wagner (Nick)

Nick is drawn into an adventure that tests his commitment to his new family against his feelings for Brooke.