ATWT’s Chris Beetem

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Up close and personal with ATWT's Jordan

Up Close and Personal with ATWT's Chris Beetem (Jordan)

He’s a suave young businessman, a bit charismatic, ambitious, and a charmer, rolled up with a touch of mystery, but for Chris Beetem starring in the role as Jordan Sinclair on As The World Turns is an opportunity of a lifetime, and a role any actor would enjoy playing.
“I love playing Jordan. He is all those things, and he’s really pretty unique and original in his own way,” Beetem said. “Jordan is also intelligent, strong, and gentle. He’s not your typical studdly guy.”
The character of Jordan is not just another hot eligible bachelor to hit town. His soft side is growing up in an orphanage, or so he
wants everyone to believe. Only time will tell.            
Beetem said he hopes the mystery part of Jordan will soon be resolved. “He’s without a doubt a troubled person,” Beetem reflected. Had he his preference, Beetem would want the character to be more solid.
Interestingly, fact meets fiction here as Beetem, like the character of Jordan, professes to be a man of mystery in real life. He doesn’t like to talk about his age or about relationships.  “I just never like to discuss those two things,” he said.  “It makes me uncomfortable.”
Beetem is new to soaps. He joined As The World Turns in March in the newly created role, but is not new to the entertainment industry. He appeared in the 2001 film “Black Hawk Down” and has had roles on television’s “Law and Order,” “Law and Order SUV,” “Deadline,” and Hallmark’s “Grace & Gloria.” But he finds the soap opera world interesting and challenging.
“I come in everyday and do about 40 pages of dialog,” Beetem revealed. “The work is challenging, but each and everyday is a new learning experience.”
Chris Beetem (Jordan) in a recent scene with Cady McClain (Rosanna) as they wed in Las Vegas
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As The World Turns is a show known for its rich history and veteran characters. Beetem was immediately thrown into a major storyline, with the pros like Colleen Zink-Pinter (Barbara), Cady McClain (Rosanna), and Roger Howarth (Paul). 



Chris Beetem as Jordan SInclair
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How did he feel about that? “The first two weeks were terrifying,” he shared with a smile.  “It’s sink or swim, but I feel each day gets better,” Beetem continued. He credits the professionalism of the rest of the cast and crew for making him feel comfortable in the front burner role.  “I must say that from the actors to the crew to hair and makeup, everyone has been very supportive.”
Beetem said that everything you hear about As The World Turns being a family is absolutely true. The working environment is “unbelievable” with everyone giving a helping hand.
When it comes to the fans, Beetem understands the devotion they have to the show, and how they become upset when a new character enters.
“I understand that. I also understand how veteran performers feel when they are pushed aside to backburner story,” Beetem said. “This is something I personally could never understand how shows’ do this to the veterans, but I guess this is how the business works.”
Beetem said he knew he wanted to be an actor after seeing the movie “Excalibur” with his uncle when he was twelve. He admitted that after seeing King Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table, “It was like I want to do this! I was just amazed,” he said.
A Philadelphia native, Beetem graduated Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts, and graduated Temple University with a Bachelor of Theater Arts.  Along with his acting, his other talents include cooking, where he acquired his skills from Northern Italian chefs. His passion is theoretical physics, which helps us all better understand the universe. “I find this (field) fascinating. Would you believe that we are all traveling 155,000 miles per second?”
Beetem also collects far Eastern statues and items from the “Lord of the Rings.” When his schedule allows he loves a good game of basketball and playing video games.
Future goals for this young actor? “Would I like to say I’m Brad Pitt? Why of course!” he said with a laugh.  “But for now I’m happy to be just a working actor on a great show.”