AMC February Sweeps 2004

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This February AMC sweeps out all the lies, the truth comes out

February Sweeps Begins the Week of February 2, 2004

Talk about secrets exposed! Two big revelations shake the Kane women this week: Erica's world crumbles when Bianca finally tells her that she's pregnant with Michael's child. Will Erica ever be able to accept the baby? And, Greenlee thinks she's doing everyone a favor when she exposes more than just Kendall's secret!  

But wait!  There's even more --

Maggie kisses Bianca.  Maggie meets up with Jamie and kisses him.  Maggie is conflicted over her feelings for Bianca. 

Erica sees Kendall as Michael and attempts to stab her.  Aidan saves the day by stopping Erica in her tracks.  Erica tells everyone that she has no memory of the incident. Kendall testifies in her own defense. 

Ryan tells Greenlee that he's in love with Kendall.  Greenlee tells Ryan that she is attracted to him.  Ryan does not deny the fact that he's attracted to Greenlee.  Lomax announces to the court that it was Kendall and BOYD that he married.  Greenlee decides to go after Kendall once and for all.  Greenlee goes to the court and exclaims that Kendall's pregnancy is a fake. 

Bianca tells Erica that she is pregnant.  Three of Pine Valley's men are arrested.  Liza decides she must do all she can to land Tad.  Specialist Dr. Alan Campbell arrives in PV to care for Edmund.  Maria fears Edmund's paralysis will be permanent.  Specialist Dr. Alan Campbell arrives in PV to care for Edmund. Maria and Dr. Campbell have difficulty finding a meeting of the minds....

Michael E. Knight (Tad) and Teri Ivens (Simone)

Marcy Walker (Liza) catches Tad in the act with Simone. 

Michael E. Knight (Tad) with Tomy Dunster (Juan Pablo) and Teri Ivens (Simone)

Alicia Minshew (Kendall)

Order in the court. Order in the court.  Can you say cat fight?


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