EMMY 2007 ~ SOAPnet's "Night Before Party" Red Carpet

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Soapdom mingles with the soap opera stars as they get ready to celebrate the Daytime Emmys.  We talked to just about everyone who walked the red carpet and you won't believe all the scoops and dish they shared...


Lawrence St. Victor (Remy, GL)SOAPNet’s got the party scene locked!  A great way to celebrate the night before the big broadcast, it’s really low-key. Dress is, well, up to the guests.  Some New York actors arrived in what we now call “Casual Friday,” others as if they were attending a cocktail party.  GL’s Robert Bogue (Mallet) looked like he just stepped out of a Brooks Brothers catalog.  Their LA counterparts were just as diverse.  But, they all looked like they were ready to ring in the Emmy’s with a bang. For some of the newbies, it was their first experience with the red carpet and the press.  For others, it was like riding a bike.  They know how to roll with the punches.

The first person Soapdom got to chat with was Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy, GL). He looked quite spiffy.  “I’d like to say I dressed myself, but that would be a lie.”  But, he picked the shoes and he was quite proud of that.  As for what’s coming up on GL, Saint-Victor buttoned his lips.

Heather Tom (ex Kelly, OLTL; ex Victoria, Y&R)“I’m a bit of a gypsy, I go where the work is.” That’s Heather Tom’s  (ex-Kelly, OLTL, ex-Victoria, Y&R) mantra.  She has no idea where the road will lead, and she never says never about going back to where she’s been.  But for the moment, she’s in LA and very happy.  However, she loved living in NY, where she did a lot of theatre, but hasn’t gone back to it here in LA.  Tom was also stunning as a brunette. 

Justin Bruening (Jamie, All My Children)One of daytime’s young hunks Justin Breuning (Jamie, AMC) was more than happy to talk about Jamie and his once true love, Babe.  Are they headed for some sort of romantic bliss?  “We’re growing in that direction.  You know, I’m tutoring her, a teacher-student kind of thing.”

Bruening and his real life wife, Alexa Havins who plays Babe, are glad to be working together again.  They’ve had separate storylines since they returned from their real life honeymoon. “We never actually see each other.  She was in the first part of the day and I was in the second.  It’s better when we’re working together. We’re both perfectionists and we ride each other, ‘don’t say your line like that, it’s bad.’ We do that a lot.”  As for his reel recent love interest, Sydney Penny (Julia), “She had her baby about two weeks ago and she’s on maternity leave.”  But Breuning guaranteed us she’ll be back and the complications will be even more complicated!

David Chisum (Miles, One Life to Live)His character is really weird, but he’s not. David Chisum (Miles, OLTL) assured us of this little detail. “Do I go around scaring people?” he joked.  “No way.”  Charming and kind is more like it.   Chisum has done a couple of episodes on Y&R, Sunset Beach, and Port Charles, but this is his first contract role on daytime.  He likes to think of Miles as misunderstood!  “Everything comes from his desire to be normal, to fit into society, to be well liked and accepted. I think he’s an innocent.  I think he’s naïve.  I think he’s easily influenced by the outside world, the things he sees on television, the way people treat each other. He soaks that all in, like a child.”  

Twenty-five years on Y&R, that’s quite a reason for Kate Linder (Esther) to celebrate. In television terms, it was only supposed to be a walk-on.  In our world, that would be a nano-second.  But here she is, a governor of the Television Academy, a spokesperson for her fellow daytime actors and a dedicated volunteer and celebrity spokesperson for ALS, or as some people...



...call it, Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Her brother-in-law suffers from it and she’s trying to create as much as awareness as possible.  Fans of Kate and/or Esther and everyone else, don’t let her down. 

General Hospital: Night Shift’s young nurses, Angel Wainwright (Regina), Amanda Baker (Jolene), and Nazanin Boniadi (Leyla)Three of General Hospital: Night Shift’s young nurses, Angel Wainwright (Regina), Amanda Baker (Jolene), and Nazanin Boniadi (Leyla), arrived arm in arm, almost as if they needed to support each other through the long line of photographers and writers. They bonded from the very first table read, Baker told us, “Whether or not our characters were going to like each other, in the end, off-camera we were going to be good friends.  The chemistry on set has been great. We’re using that to our advantage.” Boniadi and Wainwright were in complete agreement, knowing what a big family GH was.  But the trio was welcomed with open arms to the ever evolving General Hospital family!

Darcy Rose Brynes (Abby, Y&R/B&B)Young Darcy Rose Byrne (Abby, B&B and Y&R) has been acting since she was three, and her parents are both actors. A seasoned vet, this is the second time she’s attended the party. When Soapdom asked about her plot developments, she responded like a true soap actor, “I can’t tell you anything that hasn’t happened.

When we asked Christina Chambers (Marty, OLTL) about her character's recent marriage to Miles, she burst out laughing.  “He isn’t playing with a full deck at the moment.” Chambers was familiar with One Life and knew the Vicki story line, but hadn’t watched in ages. “I was unaware that Marty had been a character for years. I think the saying of ‘ignorance is bliss’ seriously applies to me. In my head, I was creating Marty from the history the producers gave me, who she was, where she came from, how she’s progressed since she’s been off the show. But once I found out, I had a little panic attack.  I said, ‘Susan Haskell, fabulous actress!’  Of course, it was hard.  You want the audience to be open-minded and accepting of you.”  Ever since she started on One Life, the feedback’s been great.  Stepping into the shoes of much beloved and well-remembered actress is in a word, impossible.  “You want the audience to be open-minded and accepting of you.”   As for a John/Marty romance, Chambers is reluctant to commit.  “I think it’s out there. Like When Harry Met Sally.  It’s out there. You can’t take it back. They both need a lot of therapy right now, before they should try to have a relationship.”   And, did Marty really kill Spencer Truman?  “Yes and no!”

Ewa de Cruz (Vienna, ATWT)Norway’s gift to daytime, Ewa Da Cruz (Vienna, ATWT) believes her character is in for some changes.  “Let’s just say that Vienna is ready to work real hard. She comes from a very healthy family and hasn’t worked – ever. But now she’s opening up her own business and I guess you’ll have to wait and see what will be.”

Annie Wersching (Amelia, GH) never imagined she’d be attending a party like this two years ago.  “Amelia was only supposed to be in Port Charles for 2 or 3 months and she’s been around a couple of years. I came in as a villain and now I think I’ll have another side.” She loves playing evil, “It’s different.  It’s fun to start trouble. I can be as mean as I want and take out the frustrations of real life.” 

Melissa Archer (Natalie, One Life to Live)It’s been a long time since Melissa Archer (Natalie, OLTL) has had a good steady, healthy love story.  And, she wants one.  With the new head writer, she’s not sure what direction the Emmy-nominated show is taking Natalie’s love life. “I think there’s another guy coming onto the show.  I don’t know exactly what that means, but you never know.”  Stay tuned!

All of One Life’s teen-aged stars, Kristen Alderson (Star, OLTL), Brittany Underwood (Langston, OLTL), Brandon Buddy (Cole, OLTL), Portia Reiners (Britney, OLTL) and Alderson’s real life younger brother, Eddie Alderson (Matthew, OLTL) traveled together, just like most normal teens. They were talking on top of each other, each one more excited than the next about landing in LA, attending the parties and the Emmy broadcast. Kristen Alderson is showing them the ropes. “I’ve been on the show for nine years. And, this is the first time Britney and Porita have been in LA.”  All five of them are very close and think of the LA outing as a field trip. If they can get ten minutes, they all want to sit by the hotel pool and relax. 

Accomplished singers and dancers they couldn’t believe One Life was producing an extravaganza for them, Prom Night: The Musical “A little bit like High School Musical from The Disney Channel,” Buddy told us. “Everybody should check it out, all original music.  It’s really neat how they did it.  You’ll have to watch. It’s intertwined with the story line.”      

The youngest of the pack, Eddie Alderson doesn’t intersect much with the older teens. His story line is the complete anti-thesis, white supremacists terrorizing Llanview.  “I didn’t deal with the story line when it first started. Now it’s popped up again. It took some time to get down and understand it.”

Beth Ann Bonner and Bree Williamson (Talia and Jessica, One Life to Live)Bree Williamson (Jessica, OLTL) and Beth Ann Bonnor (Talia, OLTL) walked the red carpet together.  We wanted to know what's going on with the men in their lives and they played along as if they were in character.  Williamson snidely remarked, "And the fact that she’s after my man!"  But Bonnor didn't let her get away so easily, "Your man.  You left him. You dumped him for a Hollywood Blond boy."  Giggling just like Jessica, Williamson couldn't hide the truth, "I know I did."  Where these love affairs will end up is anyone's guess, but Williamson believes she's going to wind up with Nash. "It’s a soap opera. I’m assuming they’re going to write me and Nash forever and ever and ever."  That would leave her ex-husband, Antonio, ripe for the picking.  Bonnor doesn't have any concrete answers, "I don’t know if I’m going to wind up with Antonio.  I hope I do.  Talia’s definitely attracted to him."

Bonnor's character is actually half-Syrain, a real breakthrough in daytime.  "I did a lot of research on Syria, once I found out where Talia’s father was from." She loves Talia and hopes her character reaches across all ethnic lines.

Murray Bartlett (Cyrus, GL) has only been on the show for three months. "Cyrus has a dark past.  He's come out of prison to blackmail Dinah." Beyond that, Bartlett was mum. A native Australian, he's been in the US on and off for five or six years, trying to get the right visa. "Now I have the right visa. So now I can work more easily."

"My character’s always getting into trouble!" Rachel Melvin (Chelsea, DOOL) told us.  And, she told us more, "This summer, Chelsea’s getting involved with...


...someone who’s not who he seems. Other than that it’s a typical teen-age drama for the summer. "

Michigan transplant, Michelle Ray Smith (Ava, GL), is a confirmed New Yorker.  She loves the Big Apple and she loves her job.  For the last two years, she's been playing the perfect good girl.  Not much in the way of shading or nuance. This summer, GL's exploring the darker side of Ava's personality and Smith can't wait.  "She’s learning a little bit more, what it means to be more like her mother. I think her fans will be excited about that. Bad girls are fun. I love that."

There must be something in the soap ethers.  Stephanie Johnson's (Shayna Rose, DOOL) is getting a bit of a summer time make-over, too. " Shayna’s a bit of a wild child, we’re not sure what she’s getting into, but I do know that she will be in Vegas, and soon."  Juicy story lines are bubbling over in Salem.  "I have a new boyfriend on the show and we might be getting into some trouble," she said with a wink and a smile as she sauntered into the party.

Darin Brooks (Max, Days of our Lives)It seems Salem is full of surprises. Darin Brooks (Max, DOOL) told us that the long arm of the law could be coming down in Max’s life.  "Illegal things are going on and somebody is not who they seem that they are." Now, that's a tease. 

Matt Ashford (Jack, Days of our Lives)One of Salem's most beloved actors, Matthew Ashford (Jack, DOOL) is on recurring status, going in and out of Salem.  But Ashford didn't seem particularly upset, "As long as there’s something good to do, then I’m there."  In the meantime, the busy actor is finding other outlets for his many untapped talents. “I’m producing a movie called, The Unlikely’s, which was shot in North Carolina."  He plays one of the most famous soap opera actors in the world.  "If only in his own mind.”  Initially he didn't want to play the role, but his co-workers convinced him to give it a shot. “People will laugh,” they said.  Now, he’s running around LA trying to sell it.  A whole new gig for the soap vet.

Dark and smoldering, Dominic Raines (Dr. Leo Julian, GH: Night Shift):  has not only taken off his shirt once --- so far.  “They keep me low key.”  He’s not sure why the production has kept him so chaste.  “Maybe they want to try something different with me, what the possibilities might be, before they throw me into that pit.”  He’a very grateful to be part of this new venture on SOAPnet.  Unfortunately, Raines couldn’t give anything away, plot-wise, except to tell us that there’s lot of racy stuff coming our way. He guarantees it will be more than we ever saw on love in the afternoon!

Brandon Beemer (Shawn, Days of our Lives)Brandon Beemer, (Sean, DOOL) only has three words for his fans, “Don’t trust Philip!”  It sounds cryptic, but DOOL watchers are probably wise to the ways of Philip. Beemer's high school girlfriend was a huge Days fan.  Just to please her, Beemer started to watch.  He’s been hooked on and off ever since. Even though they broke up years ago, his ex-girlfriend is very happy with Beemer’s new gig.   And, yes, they’ve kept in touch, but just as friends.

When Soapdom caught up with Ty Treadway (ex- Colin and Troy, OLTL) he was full of big news. After his stint on the Red Carpet show, he will be on-camera taking contestants through their paces on Merv Griffin’s Crosswords, a new game show.  “If you like Jeopardy and Wheel then you’ll love this!”  Hosting seems to agree with his outgoing personality.

Dan Gauthier (ex Kevin, One Life to Live)After living in NY for four years, Emmy nominated Dan Gauthier (ex-Kevin, OLTL) and his family moved back to LA.  One Life is part of his past. He's moved on.  But, his NY experience was more than he could have hoped for.  His son went to great schools and they got the most out of theatres, museums, and just walking down the street.  Every day was an adventure, but so is this new phase.  Check your listings for upcoming guest shots on shows such Supernatural.

Marcy Rylan (Lizzie, Guiding Light)Water works are Marcy Rylan's (Lizzie, GL) specialty! “My character lost a baby this year, and there's been a lot of crying, a lot of crying! I've heard a rumor that I may get hooked up with someone else on the show, an actual, possible love interest for Lizzie. That'll be very exciting for me.”  Weeping comes as easily to Rylan as laughing.  She was joking around with Robert Newman (Josh, GL) when the stage manager called places and the tears just poured out of her.  Newman couldn’t get over it!  If Lizzie has to cry for days on end, Rylan finds that only one eye works. She doesn't understand it, but it's very effective.

Jeff Branson (Jonathan, All My Children)Over in Pine Valley, Jeff Branson's (Jonathan, AMC) thrilled that Leven Rambin (Lily and Ava, AMC) is now playing a dual role. It gives him lots more to do on the show.  The past 8 or 9 months have been a little slow for him, but he sees endless opportunities with the new story line.  And, he thinks it will be extremely satisfying for the fans who love Jonathan and Lily.  In past years, Branson's date has always been his mother.  This year, she had to beg off, the young actor was flying solo.  We hope not for long.  He always makes time for Soapdom's readers.

Nathaniel Marston (Michael, One Life to Live)Nathaniel Marston (Michael, OLTL) wasn’t willing to give Soapdom any tidbits on Michael and Marcie, “I don’t know, you’ve got to watch."  Then the handsome young actor came clean, "The funny thing is I never know.  I ask not to know. That’s because I like to live it like you guys do."  Just like his many fans, Marston knows it's inevitable that he and Marcie will lose their beloved baby. "He is Todd’s son.”  But the question is, when?

We waited around just in case any more of Daytime's faves came running in late. Didn't happen.  Rumor has it, the party was jammin'. Yours truly headed home thinking about the Emmy's and what everyone would be wearing, as Soapdom’s Linda Marshall-Smith headed inside. Stay tuned for her tale of the partying soapers.