EMMY 2007 ~ MyDaytimeAwards

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Your chance to let the world know what you think about YOUR SHOWS. Tell us on video, upload, and maybe, just maybe, your video will air as part of the 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards show!

Michael Park (Jack, As the World Turns)CBS is going all out this year to involve the fans in the Daytime Emmy Awards (to be broadcast on the CBS network, Friday, June 15, 2007.)  Beginning today, you can tell the world just what you think about your favorite soap, couple, star, and even the Daytime Emmy Awards in general. It's as easy as record and upload to CBS.com's new Daytime Emmy destination,  MyDaytimeAwards.com.

MyDaytimeAwards.com is a website that’s built for the fans of Daytime Television.  Visitors are encouraged to upload a video of themselves talking about their favorite daytime talk show, daytime drama, daytime actor and daytime actress.

So get out your video cameras or web cams, and start taping! Then, upload your clips. Sounds like fun, right? But get this....

Your submission could appear on the Daytime Emmy Awards, airing on CBS on June 15th, 2007!

The site is accepting submissions from May 7th to May 20th. Just go to the website, and take a look at the list to find your favorite talk show, soap opera, actor or actress.  We’ve even included some clips for you to watch, in case you need a little reminder! Be creative, have fun, and really let the world know what is so special about your favorite shows.

We want to know:

•    What’s your favorite talk show and why?
•    Who’s your favorite talk show host and why?
•    What’s your favorite soap opera and why?
•    What is it about the emmy-nominated actors/actresses that really makes   him/her standout?

They’re your shows.  Who knows them better than you? Enter now and tell us what you think at http://www.mydaytimeawards.com