Emmy 2006 ~ View from the Green Room

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And the nominees for the 33rd Annual Daytime Emmys are...
 hspace=10 src=Inside the Bubble at The View's Nominations Broadcast


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Soapdom's Laura DeBrizzi takes us inside the bubble backstage including quips from the stars, rallying a posse to pooh pooh the Emmy move from NYC to Hollywood, and getting the best swag ever!

In the world of daytime drama, one can't land a cooler assignment than covering the nominations for the Emmy Awards, well, unless, that is, one scores an actual invite to the live broadcast (whose bright idea was it to move the telecast from the East to the West Coast?).   When I told my friends, the majority of who laboriously toil day in and day out in the financial district, they made me swear to dish all the gossip with them and dole out whatever swag I considered a throwaway.  For three-and-a-half weeks, I was the star of the group, but I promise you, I remained as humble as any newfound celebrity.

This Soapdom reporter's day began bright and early at 8:30 a.m. as I left the grit of my New Jersey neighborhood for the even grittier Manhattan ' Destination:  66th Street and West End, site of The View headquarters.  After maneuvering like Speed Racer through the Holland Tunnel and down Eighth's Avenue clogged streets, I checked in at the press area and was escorted to the second floor lounge where reporters would watch the show until it was time for us to chat up the talent.

I surveyed the lounge for the coveted swag hoping to double up on the free goodies.  'What?  Say what?'  There was nothing to be pocketed!  Not even a Star Jones Reynolds 8x10 glossy.  My heavy disappointment nearly snuffed out whatever air I had left in my lungs; and just when I thought I would fade to black, my mood suddenly perked up at the sight of food!  It was then that I realized how easily consoled I could be by a variety of croissants, bagels, coffee, tea, juices and fruit platters.  And so I dug in and surveyed the room' just in case some other reporter was reveling in a goody I may have overlooked.

 hspace=5 src=Nope.  Everyone was in the same boat, making the most out of their meals.  When not eyeing my second croissant, I noticed the All My Children publicist hop in to take a plate to Jacob Young (JR).  It turns out that Young is as much a fan as the croissant as I am.  After a quick conversation with my soap pal, Megan, via my cell phone, another visitor checked out the press lounge:  Scott Clifton (Dillon, GH) tinkered with the Disney Team Intranet Portal that took up an entire corner of the room.  He didn't stay long.  My theory is he couldn't figure out what the giant machine did (okay, I couldn't either!).  Frank DiCopoulos (Frank, GL), meanwhile, chatted quietly with a few of his show's PR peeps.

Suddenly, the volume on the three television sets rang out like they were capable of being broadcast in surround-sound and Meredith, Joy, Star and Elisabeth strutted on the screen to the beat of The View's opening.  Here we go!  Now we find out the winners ' and the losers.   It may be harsh but its oh-so-true!  I paid close attention to the hosts' monologue, listened intently to the names of those nominated --- the anarchist in me wanted to yell out 'Recount!' at the absences of Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee, AMC) and John Paul Lavoisier (Rex, OLTL), but the professional in me won out, especially when I became assuaged by the thought of seeing Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH) in a tux for his nod in the Outstanding Lead Actor category).  Armed with the breaking news, I called in to my editor and hopped up out of my seat with my mini-tape recorder in tow the minute the show's credits rolled.  Before any of us could escape our upgraded cell, Cady McClain (Dixie, AMC; ex-Rosanna, ATWT) arrived to get the 411 on who had received a nod.  But now was not the time for small talk!  This Soapdom reporter had business to take care of.  I was on a mission.  I had to push and shove and make my way to every celebrity in my midst and land some sound bites for my Emmy piece.  Surely, Ms. McClain could empathize with such urgency.  She must've because no sooner had she graced us with her presence was she back out the door.

 hspace=10 src=Down to the second floor we went and were let loose like cattle.  I darted for fan favorite Scott Clifton (Dillon, GH) who had received his third nomination in the Outstanding Younger Actor category.  Surprisingly, the thespian doubted his name would be called at all. 

'I'm shocked that I got nominated, truthfully, because I really didn't think that I would.  I didn't have anything that I did so well last year,' he answers after revealing to Soapdom that he included GH's Christmas Eve show as his pre-nominee tape.  'I'm not winning (on Emmy night), I can tell you that.'

And what does this California performer think of the big Emmy move from New York's Radio City Music Hall to Hollywood's Kodak Theatre?

'I'm kind of bummed because I would've loved to fly back to New York.'

Clifton is without a doubt my new best friend.  Another New York champion!

While Clifton has 'no idea' what he will submit in terms of his two reels for the judging, he does have a certain feeling about his current work.  'What I'm doing now, I think, that I might have a chance of maybe winning an Emmy next year, so that's real exciting.'

Before I could leave my new BFF (Best Friend Forever), I had to find out what it was like to work with that adorable chimp that Luke (Anthony Geary) - and Outstanding Lead Actor nominee- brought back with him to Port Charles.

'There's two of them and their names are Jake and Harry.  They're awesome,' details the actor to Soapdom.  'You want to touch and play with them because they're just so damn cute, but we're always hearing, 'Don't touch the chimp unless you're in a scene with him.  Don't do this or that with the chimp.' We have to be good just like the chimps.'

 hspace=10 src=Robin Strasser (Dorian, OLTL), decked out beautifully in a rose jacket and slacks, was the consummate professional, getting behind OLTL's sole acting nominee and refusing to effuse sour grapes with regard to her show being an Emmy oversight.

'I would never go to a place, especially when you're invited to The View to be part of the announcement of the nominations, and say I'm disappointed or whatever,' she reasons to Soapdom.  'It's all wonderful.  I'm very happy for all the people who did make the final cut.  I had some people on One Life to Live that I felt deserved consideration of a nomination, but all in all, the good news is that Renee (Elise Goldsberry, Evangeline) is nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category.'

The mention of her co-star's victory brings out the Emmy winner's emotions.  '(When they announced Renee's name) I started this show on the verge of tears and with the adrenaline pumping because I was so happy for her.  She is one of the most incredible people I have ever worked with and she's a joy.'

 hspace=10 src=Strasser may have been here to celebrate the Daytime Emmys, but her priority was to get the word out on the musical compilation 'One Life Many Voices.'  One hundred percent of the CD's net profits will benefit hurricane relief efforts and features 26 tracks sung and or spoken by OLTL's Catherine Hickland (Lindsay); Robert S. Woods (Bo); Phil Carey (Asa); Kathy Brier (Marcie); and Melissa Archer (Natalie) to name a few. 

'It's fabulous.  The music is very good,' promises Strasser who also boasts a producing credit. 'Michael (Easton, John) said to me, 'Robin, I don't sing.' So I asked him, 'How about doing some spoken word? And he said no, but informed me that he was a very good photographer.'

'When I saw all of these photographs,' begins Strasser, simultaneously opening the CD's inside booklet featuring shots of all the artists, 'I said, 'Michael, I am going to make a 32 page booklet because I want each and every portrait to get its own page.' And now it makes a great fan collectable.  So you get a CD and a beautiful booklet for only 20 dollars.'

To purchase 'One Life Many Voices,' go to www.onelifemanyvoices.com or check out your nearest Barnes and Noble.

Swag Alert!  Before I give Strasser a hug goodbye, she hands me a CD.  Strasser will also be added to my BFF list.  What a class act!

 hspace=5 src=With my new gift stuffed in my bag, I go over to see how Emmy pro Kimberly McCullough (Robin, GH) is reacting to her show's good fortune; not only did Clifton, Benard and Geary receive nods, but so did Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) in the Outstanding Supporting Actor Category and Kelly Monaco (Sam) in the Outsanding Lead Actress Category, not to mention GH's kudos for Outstanding Drama Series.

Looking Sex And The City chic, McCullough talked to Soapdom about how happy she was to not only be back in Port Charles, but also among a stellar cast straight out of the past.

'The show is really good right now.  The other day I was standing in a room doing a scene with Rick Springfield (Noah), Anthony Geary (Luke) and Tristan Rogers (Robert) and I was like: 'Wow! Our men are fabulous!'' beams the two-time Emmy winner who returned to the soap early this fall after a short respite. 'It's such a good time for General Hospital.'

'I can't take credit for the best show nomination,' she laughs, 'but hopefully I'll get to go to the Emmys.  Although I have to say I do love New York so the ceremony not being here this year is kind of odd.'

And how much does McCullough love the Big Apple? 

 hspace=10 src='I actually want to move back here eventually,' she says.  Remember, McCullough became a New York transplant when she attended New York University for two years, beginning in 1998.

Clifton and I now have another person to rally with us.

With my protest team growing mightier by the minute, I am beginning to feel a sudden triumph; as if I have been rewarded in some small way.  As if I am serving a good cause.  As if I deserve a trophy of my own for all my recruiting. 

I'm quickly snapped back into reality when I see the woman of the hour'. One Life To Live's great hope'making her exit. 


The gregarious and affable beauty of screen and stage (The Lion King; The Color Purple) takes pity on me and agrees to relay for probably about the 20th time that day on how she feels after being recognized by her peers.

'I called my mom first thing and she was crying a lot, but the main thing that she told me was that she loved me,' says an enthusiastic Goldsberry of her first post-call.  'In her mind I would have never had to have been nominated for anything and she would've been feeling the same way.'

 hspace=5 src=I ask the multi-talented performer if she suffered any pre-nomination jitters?

'I did and I'm kind of mad at myself for being anxious.  Dude, how can you be expecting this?  You shouldn't be expecting this!  There are so many great people ' don't do this!  Don't get your hopes up.  But thank God it worked out for me!'

'I'm sad about One Life to Live getting cut out a lot of the categories,' opines Goldsberry.  'The people that I work with from the cast, crew, directors and producers are the kind of people, who even though they weren't nominated, would be truly happy for me.  They're supportive and so amazing.'

'Plus, I also feel that you don't act in a vacuum,' she continues.  'I wouldn't have this nomination if it wasn't for producers, writers, wardrobe, and obviously, the people that I'm acting with.  So you can't ever claim any credit for a nomination just because you get to have your name on it and the Emmy gets to come to your house.  It's definitely a group effort.'

Because she's so nice I decide that Goldsberry, too, can be a part of Clifton, McCullough, Strasser and my posse even though she delights in a trip to Los Angeles.

Feeling dehydrated from all the yapping; fatigued from the early start to the day; and depressed about my absent bag of presents, I begin to pack up.

 hspace=5 src=What will I tell my friends when I come home empty-handed?

I'll be ridiculed and forced to live a life of shame.  I could develop a serious injury from always having to hang my head so low in their company.

And then the ultimate swag anyone could ever hope to covet.

I, Laura DeBrizzi, got a snapshot with the one and only Oscar The Grouch from Sesame Street and his original puppeteer Carroll Spinney who is being honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's Emmys! 

My nephew, Andrew Joseph Smith, will regard me in the highest esteem.

Check out the huge grin on my face.

Now that's what I call swag.