EMMY 2005 ~ The Nominees ~ Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

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She was sound asleep when she got the call

Bring Back the Refugee and Have Him Search For Katherine in GC!

Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) of The Young and the Restless was sound asleep in the city that never sleeps when she found out that she was nominated as Best Supporting Actress for a Daytime Emmy Award.

“I was in Las Vegas doing a charity event, and was asleep in my hotel when the phone rang and it was Jack Smith, (co-executive producer) saying, ‘pour the champagne’,”Cooper said. “I responded with I don’t drink! And then I found out the good news.”

Cooper is the longest running cast member (31 years) on The Young and the Restless, and over the years has garnished many awards. She jokingly said, “My walls are full, but if I win, I’ll find a place in my office.”

Cooper has been nominated five previous times for a Daytime Emmy, and in 1989, she received a Soap Opera Digest Award and Soap Opera Editor’s Award, and last year, she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Daytime Emmy’s. In 1993, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“Anytime you win something it’s always an honor, but it’s always reassuring and honorable to be nominated for an Emmy because it’s your peers that voted for you,” Cooper said. “I think the reaction is always a shock to any actor, because think of all the thousands of actors out there.”

Cooper said that winning is great, but if it doesn’t happen life still goes on. “Oh absolutely! It’s just being able to reach so many people by entertaining the audience,” Cooper said. “The audience is aware that I’m aware. Gosh, I’ve entertained four generations of people, and still love what I do.”

Cooper acknowledged that very few people get to do what she does and receive attention, as well as a financial reward, and as an actor to be such an integral part of a cast for so many years.

“But I have to tell you. This nomination for the Emmy is a cast effort, and if I win it‘s because of everyone around me,” Cooper said. “I probably work with the greatest folks around. This whole thing we do (acting) is a team effort.”

Cooper said she would like to see her character Katherine bring back family to the soaps, and see it more incorporated into the storyline.

“It’s just lacking terribly. I want to push the family unit back,” Cooper said. “It would be great to bring back the family with the family problems within the family.”

Acting is a business, and Cooper has seen firsthand the changes in the business in all her years in the entertainment field.

“The business needs to be approached very professionally. You need to smell the aroma of acting,” Cooper said. “It’s not about being famous and a millionaire, but sometimes it’s only your 15 minutes of fame. Look at the statistics.”

Over the years, Cooper has endured everything possible that an actress can. In 1984, her real-life facelift was televised on The Young and the Restless as her character underwent surgery at the same time. This was a first “extreme makeover” in Daytime TV.

One of her fondest scenes was about 20 years ago when Katherine jumped ship wanting to end it all, and was rescued by a Cuban refugee who cared for her (and brought her back to health) in a jungle.

“You know I really loved those scenes,” Cooper jovially said. “I wish someday they would find that refugee and bring him back to Genoa City to look for me. Just think about it!”

Cooper’s personal life is sometimes quite as hectic as Katherine’s. She is currently writing her autobiography, but said, “It’s like pulling teeth without Novocain.”  But she hopes to soon have the book completed.

As for Emmy night, Cooper is keeping mum on what she will wear, but said she will dress as Jeanne and not Katherine.

“And that’s another thing. Everyone is concerned about what are you wearing and what kind of jewelry will you wear,” Cooper said. “It seems like it’s all about that more then the award, which is the reason we are there. The focus should center around the event.”

Soapdom.com wants to know, do you have any message to your fans over the years? “Oh yes!” she said. “Thank you for having faith in me.  Keep watching.  Write and offer an opinion. It is so important. The producers and writers do read every piece of mail. After all, we work for you.”

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