EMMY 2005 ~ The Nominees ~ SoapTalk's Ty Treadway

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"I was in shock..."

On the Emmys and More!

Soapdom had a rare opportunity to catch up with a man who usually asks the questions.  We put him in the hot seat and, like the true funny gentleman he is, Ty Treadway was a willing victim.  It’s a long way from Trenton, New Jersey to the sound stages of The Prospect Studios in Los Angeles, California, but Treadway’s a smart guy, and it doesn’t seem so odd that this accountant and computer programmer finds himself the Emmy nominated co-host of SOAPNET’S wild and whacky SOAPTALK.  As the youngest of seven children, Treadway knows something about family.  Most of you know he recently became a father for the first time and he’s a tired fella.   Not too tired, however, to tackle even more work.  In March he did a guest sting on CBS’s Cold Case.  If you missed it, you can always catch it this summer in re-runs!

Treadway, whose real first name is Tyrus, was named for baseball legend Ty Cobb.  He didn’t take but a nano-second to respond when we wanted to know how he felt when he first heard about the Emmy honor. “My first thought when I found out that Soap Talk was nominated for Best Talk Show and Lisa and I were nominated for Best Talk Show Hosts was complete shock.  To be included with names like Regis, Ellen and Barbara Walters is such an unbelievable honor.  All I could think about, was how grateful I am to all the daytime actors who have come on our show.  They’ve been willing to do just about anything with us!  The reason Soap Talk is so popular is because of our incredible guests.  No one takes themselves too seriously; they just come to our show to have a good time.  We’ve done everything from ballet, to hula dancing to karaoke.  As Brian Gaskill once said, ‘Soap Talk is like Fantasy Island for Soap Stars!’”

Since Treadway now resides in sunny southern California and the announcements were made on the East Coast at 8:30AM, you’d think this hard-working new Papa would be sound asleep.  Not this guy!  “If the phone rings and wakes you up early in the morning, you know you’ve probably been nominated because no one ever calls that early to tell you that you weren’t nominated.”  On that particular morning, Treadway was helping his wife with baby Samantha.  And what would any parent be doing at 5:30AM with a new-born – you guessed it!  “With baby wipes in hand I answered the phone. It was Mary Ellen DiPrisco, the VP of Original Programming at SOAPnet.  She was really excited.  You see, SOAPTALK was her brainchild, yep, she’s the one to blame, and she couldn’t wait to share the great news!  We were both very happy and excited and then I hung up and finished changing my daughter’s diaper.  Back to reality.”  Babies know what’s important!

Treadway wasn’t sure which clip was submitted to the TV Academy.  Since he believes he’s a poor judge of his work he left that job up to his Executive Producer, Kari Sagin  and Ms. DiPrisco at SOAPnet.

At Right: Ty Treadway with SoapTalk co-host and fellow Emmy nominee, Lisa Rinna

Since Treadway’s passionate about food and cooking, you’d think his favorite moments from last year’s shows would be gastronomical, but no, not at all. “One of my very favorites was when Rick Springfield came on and sang “Jessie’s Girl” with his band.  That song was a favorite of mine.  The audience was rockin’ out and everyone was singing and dancing.  It was such a fun day.  I love when musical guests come to the show.  But he also loves to laugh and from the second each show starts, it’s a total laughfest!  “That’s the beauty of my job.  I get paid to laugh and joke around with some of the most interesting and beautiful people in the world.  Not a bad gig!” 

If you think this hunky host is just another pretty face on TV – you’re wrong.  Treadway’s involved in all aspects of this very successful show. It’s something he takes very seriously.  “I start preparing for the show on Tuesday of each week by going over all the shows and all the guests with our executive producer.” There are 6 segments in each show and they talk about each segment in each show. “We discuss how each segment will play out and think about ways we can improve each one.  Tuesday evening and Wednesday I go over some of the things I’d like to talk about in our Host Chat at the beginning of each show.  Wednesday evening and Thursday I go over each guest’s biography and tons of other information from recent articles or from the Internet and build an outline of an interview.  Finally, when tape day comes, I go over each segment with a producer prior to the show, discussing in detail how we think the interview should go.” Soap Talk shoots six shows each weekend. That’s why the work week begins on Tuesday.

Since there’s so many shows are shot at once, there’s not a lot of time on tape days to think. “We’re usually rushing around trying to get everything ready for the next guest.  The only thing I do offstage before the show begins is to try and greet the guests.  I want everyone to have a good time, so I usually say ‘Hi’ before they come out in front of the cameras and a live audience.  Then, I take one last look at my notes and it’s show time!”

This is an especially sweet time over at Soap Talk and everyone’s over the moon with the nominations they’ve received.   Treadway’s so happy that the producers of Soap Talk are also nominated for an Emmy.  “They work so hard and care about the show so much.”  Since Soap Talk is a cable show it operates on a cable budget, which means it has a much smaller staff than other talk shows.  “We only have four or five producers.  It amazes me every week how our staff is pulls off such ambitious shows with only a skeleton crew.”   He’s very proud to be part of such a dedicated team of professionals.  “Our hair and makeup department is incredible.  They make everyone look so beautiful.  I don’t know what we’d do without them!”  But, oh, look what they have to start with!!

Treadway’s first brush with Soap Net occurred when he pitched a cooking show to Mary Ellen DiPrisco, VP of Original Programming.  “She told me she was developing a new talk show and wanted to know if I was interested in co-hosting.  I thought about it for a couple of days and then finally said, yes. Then, Mary Ellen arranged a meeting with Lisa Rinna…then sat behind her desk and just observed our interaction.  I don’t think either one of us had any pre-conceived notions of the other. Lisa and I immediately started talking to each other as if we were long lost friends.  We instantly connected."

At the time, Treadway was one of One Life to Live’s most popular characters. It took a great deal of juggling, but the staffs on both shows made it work.  “It was a 7-day workweek plus a roundtrip commute from New York to LA.   But, it was a challenge Treaway was up for!

Most of the time, Treadway and Rinna interview actors and actresses from the world of soaps.  But if our thoughtful host had the opportunity to talk to anyone in the whole world, he’d probably have to visit another world.  “If I could interview anyone it would be someone from the past who’s already deceased…someone like Leonardo DiVinci or Benjamin Franklin or Isaac Newton.  I love history and science. These men were geniuses in many different fields.  I can only imagine what it would be like to talk about art or engineering with DiVinci or politics and electricity with Benjamin Franklin.  Maybe discuss physics with Einstein?  Although I probably wouldn’t understand half of what he was saying!”

Even with his hectic schedule, the man with the questions took time to give us a few answers.  But he’s riding the crest of fun and excitement right now.  Who could ask for anything more?  Well, just maybe an Emmy!

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