Emmy 2005 ~ LA Celebrates Creative Crafts

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West coast soap stars present craft awards

LA Stars Come Out to Support Their Shows

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It was a sweltering afternoon outside the Kodak Theater’s Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles as stars of daytime television arrived to support their shows at the 32nd Annual Creative Craft Daytime Emmy Awards on Saturday, May 14.  While several celebrities were eager to beat the heat, Lisa Rinna was especially fond of the shade, rushing to the nearest trace of a shadow as soon as she finished walking the Red Carpet.  She, along with fellow SoapTalk co-host Ty Treadway, was probably trying to save all the heavy makeup she had on.  The pair was fixed up and camera ready to host the black-tie event, which occurred simultaneously with a ceremony in New York City.

Preceding next week’s Daytime Emmys, the Creative Craft Awards honor the behind-the-scenes efforts for daytime programs, including all your favorite soaps.  With recognitions ranging from casting direction to art direction to hairstyling, soap operas constituted a large portion of the nominations, and soap actors constituted a large portion of the audience on Saturday. 

Just minutes before the event began we caught up with executive producer and head writer of The Bold and the Beautiful, Bradley Bell, who said of Soapdom.com, “I want to get inside the bubble!”  We promised Bell we’d grant him passage, but all you fans who are already in Soapdom can read on to get all the star-studded details of the Creative Craft Awards!

The big winner of the evening was All My Children with a total of four awards for outstanding achievement in multiple-camera editing, makeup, music direction and composition, and sound mixing.  Up next was As the World Turns with three awards, earned for Art Direction/Set Direction/Scenic Design, hairstyling, and outstanding achievement for casting director Mary Clay Boland.  All the folks from AMC and ATWT, however, were at the New York ceremony. 

As for the L.A. soaps, their part of the ceremony was lovely, despite the heat, and the actors and actresses were all primped and dressed to the nines.  Some of the attendees were Peter Bergman, Melody Thomas Scott, and Jess Walton from The Young and the Restless; Rick Hearst and Rebecca Herbst from General Hospital; and married couple Kyle Lowder and Arianne Zuker from Days of Our Lives.

The Bold and the Beautiful had a big turnout with Winsor Harmon, Ron Moss, Drew Tyler Bell, Ashley Jones, Dan McVicar, Shanelle Workman, and Joe Mascolo.  B&B took home two awards for main title design and costume design.  The later is the second consecutive Emmy for B&B costume designer Birgit Muller, and the cast was especially supportive and proud for their crewmember.  After Muller collected her trophy, the male cast members took their opportunity to show friendly support, as Harmon, Moss, and McVicar proudly surrounded Muller, grinning for flashing cameras.  The bunch seemed more than glad to support Muller before heading off to New York next week.

As Ashley Jones, who plays Bridget Forrester, explained before the awards were given out, “I’m really close to Birgit, and she’s been so good to all of us.  I just really wanted to be here for her, and it would be really great to see her win again.  Plus, she’d be in a very good mood in New York!”

Also thinking about next week in New York was Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing on GH), who is again nominated for outstanding supporting actor, returning to the category as last year’s winner.  Hearst did not admit to having an acceptance speech prepared but he did say this: “I have certain ideas and thoughts in the event that I win, as well as certain people that I forgot to thank last year that I will thank right off.  So then if I forget anybody this year, then they’ll know they got thanked last year!”

Hearst also shared that to get his nomination, he submitted the episode where Alexis and Ric get stranded in a cabin together; and for his second submission, he selected a scene where Ric tells Sonny that he is and will always work to be a better man than Sonny. 

“The two scenes offered a nice contrast.  I’m proud of it, and whatever will be, will be.  We have strong men in the category, as we always do, so I’m honored to be right in there with them,” explained Hearst.

Like Hearst, many of the actors and actresses who attended the Creative Craft Awards were there acting as presenters.  This bunch also included Charles Divins, who plays Chad Harris on Passions and who willingly elaborated on his character’s infatuation with Whitney (Brooke Kerr).  According to Divins, “Whitney can do no wrong in Chad’s eyes. She could chop off her hands and legs and spit on him, and he’d still love her until he dies. That’s my boy Chad!” 

Divins’ fellow cast member Richard Steinmetz, who plays Martin Fitzgerald, was less certain about his character’s love life, which is currently revolving around a triangle with Pilar (Eva Tomargo) and Katherine (Leigh Taylor-Young).  When asked if he had a preference over which woman Martin ends up with, Steinmetz replied, “I’m not even pickin.’  That would cause me nothing but great grief!”  

A favorite for soap writers, the love triangle scenario often pops up in story lines.  Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas Forrester on B&B) thinks it’s an effective strategy to create drama.  Regarding his show specifically, he explained, “We Forrester men just don’t know what ‘one woman’ means.” 

As for soap operas in general, he speculated, “I think usually the time limit for commitment in relationships is two months, and then you have to have the whole love triangle.”  Well, at least that’s the case for Thomas, who is caught between Caitlyn (Kayla Ewell) and Gabby (Shanelle Workman) for now, but will soon lean in the direction of Gabby.

Whether or not the love triangle is the winning formula for soaps, it wouldn’t be proven last Saturday because the best writing category was not included at the technical awards event.  The award for outstanding drama series writing team will be presented Friday, May 20th at the 32nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, along with the anticipated honors for lead acting, supporting acting, and best drama series.

Until then, however, it was nice to see so many actors supporting those who work so hard on all the technical aspects of their shows.  As Rick Hearst said on Saturday, “I’m enjoying the fact that I get to come here.  If we could put the whole event together it’d be great, but I guess they can only televise so much.”

Still, we bet he’d love for you to tune in this Friday in case he picks up another one of those best supporting actor Emmy’s.  After all, we know he’s at least been thinking about an acceptance speech!

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