EMMY 2004 ~ The 31st Annual Daytime Emmys Broadcast

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Soapdom gives an honest review of the 2004 Daytime Emmy Broadcast

altA Night of Highlights and Lowlines

One Viewers’ Take on the Show

If you happened to tune into the Daytime Emmys on Friday, May 21, you may have thought that you were seeing J-Lo.  Vanessa Marcil, the host for the evening was dressed or should I say undressed in a J-Lo wannabe outfit.  Granted, she has the gorgeous figure to pull it off, but what used to be a classy event, with prior hosts such as Deidre Hall and Susan Lucci, took a dive this year with Vanessa Marcil.  And I am not just talking about the plunging neckline, which I felt was one of the many lowlines of the evening.  Vanessa, still a fan favorite, really seemed to be lost up there.  Deliberately foregoing a monolog writer, she floundered her way through only to get worse later in the evening when introducing ex-boyfriend Tyler Christopher.

I couldn’t help but notice that Martha Stewart both nominated and in the audience.  I’m glad that the powers that be placed her in the front part of the theatre.

Days of Our Lives Bo and Hope Brady, Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso, introduced the first award of the evening.  Kristian looked lovely in her fuchsia gown as she announced the winner for Best Supporting Actor, Rick Hearst, Ric from General Hospital.  In Rick’s acceptance speech, he mentioned how glad he was that his category was the first award of the night.  The first time Rick was nominated was 13 years ago, which coincided with the birth of his son.  He thanked his dad, who has passed away and mentioned that tonight was the 3rd anniversary of his death.  His speech was deeply moving and seemed to set a trend for this evening’s acceptance speeches.

Having Days of Our Lives, Sami Brady, Allison Sweeney, as a reporter in the field was very effective.  She seemed to be enjoying herself and in turn, did a very fine job interviewing the male spokesmen for the Best Show category.  A few flubs aside, her first interview was with ATWT spokesman Mark Collier.  He was the first of many men to be sporting the Black on Black suits and he looked oh-so-fine.

altVictoria Rowell and Kristoff St. John from Young and the Restless were the next presenters for Best Supporting Actress.  What was up with the feather hat?  I couldn’t decide if it enhanced or took away from her outfit.  The honors for Best Supporting Actress went to Cady McClain for her portrayal of Rosanna Cabot on As The World Turns.  Cady thanked her co-star Hunt Block and then later sang the praises of her younger castmates Peyton List and Agim Kaba who play Lucy and Aaron.  Cady was the only East Coast actor to win an Emmy this evening.

The nominations seemed to be a little one sided this to this reporter.  At quick glance, it was ten East Coast as opposed to 19 West Coast actor nominations excluding the writing, producing and director nominations.

Getting back to the evening’s broadcast, did anyone besides me see the awkwardness in Vanessa introducing her ex boyfriend, Tyler Christopher and Natalia Livingston?  I was so distracted by the whole thing that I can’t remember what their category was.  All I remember seeing is Vanessa saying, oh yes, and here is my ex-boyfriend Tyler.  Tyler looked like he wished he was elsewhere and all I could see was that he was nervously chewing gum.

When Jack Wagner and Lorenzo Lamas came out to make their presentation, I told my dad, now there is a reason to start watching the Bold and the Beautiful!  All I can say is “my, my, my.”

altWhen Chad Brannon, Zander from General Hospital, won his award for Best Younger Actor, he also thanked his dad, the fans and Jesus Christ.  His acceptance speech just reiterated how special Chad really is.

Ali Sweeney, again was out in the crowd interviewing the spokesperson for Bold and the Beautiful, Sean Kanan, who also was sporting the black-on-black look.  The men were definitely dressed for success while many of the women felt that less was more. 

I have to admit that when SoapTalk hosts Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway came on stage, I got caught up in their excitement. While Lisa’s dress was cut dramatically low, her posture and obvious muscle tone allowed her to look stunning.  Ty was just too cute announcing his and Monica’s upcoming blessed event.  He was so excited and happy that I didn’t even know what they were presenting.  I had to check my VCR for this section and thanks to my instant replay I saw that they were presenting the winners from the earlier awards given on May 15th in Los Angeles.  Congratulations to Ty and Monica on the news of their baby-to-be.

Michael Park and Maura West, Jack and Carly Snyder from As the World turns, announced the Younger Actress winner Jennifer Finnegan.  It was Jennifer’s 3rd win in 3 years. She thanked her parents and sent out a special heart-warming message to her dad.  This year seemed to be the year for dads to be thanked.  Oddly enough, this reporter also needs to thank her dad for his comments and patience for watching this award show with me.  Thanks, George!

When Nancy O’Dell came out in her blue gown, she received the first ‘George’ award. What is a George award?  It’s a fashion award from my dad for stylish, classy apparel.  Her gown was so flattering to her and added a touch of class that was up to now absent from the broadcast.

A reminder that the Daytime Emmys are live came through loud and clear with Cameron Mathison and Alicia Minshew, All My Children’s, Ryan and Kendall.  Forgetting that they would be accepting the award and having to return to the podium must have been embarrassing for them.  But who cares, they are so cute anyway right?

You just had to laugh when Hogan Sheffer, the head writer for As the World Turns made the acceptance speech for the Emmy for Best Writing.  When receiving his staff’s award from McKenzie Westmore and Galen Garing, Sheridan and Luis from Passions, Sheffer said, “Even if you are just tuning in, you can tell that this is the writing award.”  Hogan later said, “Chris Goutman, I would die without you.”

altAnd now for the goddess portion of the show, oops sorry, it’s just that Deidre Hall looked so stunning and classy in her cream colored one-shoulder gown, that she took my dad’s breath away.  She just proved that in women’s fashion, elegance is not always reflected with the axiom ‘less is more’.   She was the perfect choice to host the lifetime achievement awards.  From the moment she started talking about Rachel Ames, Audrey from GH, Radio City Music hall was filled with a thunderous standing ovation. 

It was about time that Rachel Ames (Audrey, GH), John Clarke (ex Mickey, DOOL), Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, Y&R), Eileen Fulton (Lisa, ATWT), Don Hastings (Bob, ATWT), Ray MacDonnell (Joe, AMC), Frances Reid (Alice, DOOL), Helen Wagner (Nancy, ATWT) and Ruth Warwick (Phoebe, AMC) received recognition for their lengthy careers in Daytime.  Anna Lee (Lila, GH) was also recognized, albeit posthumously.   The 91-year-old famed actress of stage and screen on two continents, who played Lila for over 25 years, had passed away just last weekend. Her Emmy was graciously accepted by her son, Jeffrey Byron, who although saddened by his mother’s passing, made the audience rejoice in her career.  Also, it would have been nice if the other honorees could have said a few words of thanks.  My dad wondered if Ruth Warwick had been in an accident since she was wearing the neck brace. 

Drake Hogestyn, John Black from Days of our Lives, introduced the Outstanding Leading Actress award winner Michelle Stafford, Phyllis from The Young and the Restless.  Her choice of dress was not flattering and she looked uncomfortable with it as well.  She ended her speech thanking her wonderful boyfriend and how he promised that they would snuggle tonight whether she won or lost.  Well, my dad came out with ‘Well, you won’t have a hard time taking off her clothes to snuggle!”  It seems that he noticed that her dress was just tied together in the back.

Having the Outstanding Actor award announced by the mother and daughter team, Susan Lucci, Erica from All My Children and daughter Liza Huber, Gwen from Passions, was sweet although a little bit sappy, but they looked genuinely proud of each other.  You have to love Anthony Geary, Luke from General Hospital telling Maurice Benard, Nico, from General Hospital that ‘he was robbed’ as he accepted the award for Outstanding Actor

I was very surprised to see the Outstanding Daytime Drama award go to Young and the Restless.  The audience was not as exuberant with their applause as in previous years when the announcement was made which leads me to believe that Y&R was not the favorite.  It just seemed that General Hospital had a lock on the awards this year and that they were going to win for best show.

Being an East Coast reporter, and feeling that the Emmys are more partial to the West Coast, I found the 31st Annual Emmy Award coverage to be lack luster most of the time.  The highlights were Deidre Hall and the Lifetime Achievement Awards and the gowns worn by Nancy Odell, Susan Lucci and Lisa Rinna.  Congratulations to the winners and hopefully the 32nd Annual Daytime Emmys Broadcast will be better.

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