EMMY 2004 ~ Photo Gallery ~ Creative Craft Awards, NY

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Stunning images of New York's finest...daytime stars

More Creative Craft NY Photos
Photographed by Sue Coflin

Eva La Rue (Maria, AMC) and John Callahan (Edmund, AMC)

All My Children's Bobbie Eakes (Krystal) and Alexa Havens (Babe)


AMC's Alexa Havens (Babe), Michael B. Jordan (Reggie), Emmy Winning Casting Director, Judy Blye Wilson, and Bobbie Eakes.

All My Children's Elizabeth Hendrickson (Maggie) and Emmy nominated Eden Riegel (Bianca)

Michael B. Jordan (Reggie, AMC) and Tanisha Lynn (Danielle, AMC)

The AMC contingent!  Tanisha Lynn (Danielle), Michael B. Jordan (Reggie), Bobbie Eakes (Krystal) and Alexa Havens (Babe)

ATWT's Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily) and Martha Byrne (Lily)

ATWT's Martha Byrne (Lily) with the other Martha (Martha Stewart)


Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer, ATWT) and Jessica Dunphy (Allison, ATWT)

ATWT's Lesli Kay (Molly and soon to be Lois, GH) with ATWT's Agim Kaba (Aaron)

ATWT Jon Hensley (Holden) and Michael Park (Jack)

The Pinters!
ATWT's Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara) and husband, Mark Pinter

The dynamic duo?  Martha and Martha!

Guiding Light's Frank Dicopulous (Frank) and Jerry verDorn (Ross)

Kissey face, huggy pooh!
GL's Justin Klosky gets smooched by Crystal Hunt (Lizzie) and Stephanie Gatschet (Tammy)

GL's adorable Crystal Hunt (Lizzie) and Jerry verDorn (Ross)

Stephen Martines  and Justin Klosky of Guiding Light

One Life to Live's Hillary B. Smith (Nora) and Renee Goldsberry

Aw -- so cute!  OLTL's Jay Wilkinson and Bree Williamson

OLTL's Kathy Brier (Marcie)

Procter & Gamble Producers, Ellen Wheller and Chris Goutman