EMMY 2002 ~ Catching the Stars at Creative Arts Emmys!

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At Creative Awards 2000, actors open up about their characters

Mingling at these events is always a delight, especially if you can snag a few minutes with the stars to ask them about life in soapdom. My question for the evening was: "If you had your wish, what would you like to see happen with your character!" The powers that be at the soaps create story for months down the line. Fans often disagree with the story direction and get quite vocal about their likes and dislikes. But what about the actors? What might they prefer? After taking a few minutes to mull it over, here's what they responded!

Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy, Passions) "Ivy has taken a turn recently. She is becoming more evil than she was at first. She is doing quite manipulative things, and I am rather enjoying it! So, I wouldn't mind seeing Ivy become the real villian of the show, and do all the horrible things!" Ulrich said with a laugh. Should Ivy rekindle her relationship with Sam, I asked? "I have to be practical about it. I don't want her to lose her money! I wouldn't mind a little affair, but I want to be Mrs. Julian Crane! I like the dresses. I like the jewelry. I don't want to give any of that up. I don't want Ivy living in poverty. Absolutely not!"

Patrika Darbo (Nancy, DOOL) would love for Craig, Chloe and Nancy to be a happy family. "It would like to see them bond as a family," said Darbo. "But I would like to see Craig and Nancy up to more of their mischievousness! I would love for the Wesley's to become a staple of the Days family. And be there for a long time. And to keep having as much fun as we are having this moment. I'd also like to see Nancy's mother introduced. And her sister. That would be great! " Does Darbo enjoy working with co-star Kevin Spirtas? "I adore Kevin," she said. "He is my rock. And my Nadia (Nadia Bjorlin) - who plays my daughter Chloe - is wonderful."

Alex Donnelley (Diane, Y&R). "I would love for Diane to have the baby. Maybe even twins!" Donnelley said with a laugh. "Diane is madly in love with Victor, but there are still some things she misses about Jack. When she is with Jack, she misses things about Victor, so she is never completely happy. But I would really love to see Diane become more of a power player on the show, and get a more equal footing with some of the more powerful characters. "

Dana Sparks (Grace, Passions). "What I keep hearing from all the online fans, is that they would like Grace to find out about Ivy. So I guess that would be the popular thing to have happen! For Grace to find out about Ivy and then see how all that comes out regarding her relationship with Sam!"

Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe, DOOL). "The Wesley's need to rule Salem!" said Bjorlin. "We need to cause trouble, and wreck havoc, and have lots of fun." "Good bye Stefano, hello Wesley's" Patrika Darbo chimed in. "Wesley's are the new bad guys in town!" Bjorlin would also like to do more singing on the show.