EMMY 2000 ~ Treasure Trove of Daytime Emmy Coverage

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From creative crafts to behind the scenes at the awards show...

At the Century Plaza in Los Angeles and the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York, stars of daytime came out to shine at night and present the behind-the-scenes talent of daytime television their Creative Arts Awards on Saturday, May 13, 2000. The ceremonies were held simultaneously on both coasts.

On the west coast stars from General Hospital, Young & the Restless, Port Charles, Days of Our Lives, Passions, and Bold & the Beautiful presented winners with their statues. "I'm rooting for Bold & the Beautiful," said a very animated LA presenter, Marissa Tait (Becky, B&B). "Of course! That's my show!" Marissa's roommate, Kari Miazek, accompanied her to the event.

Primetime sitcom star French Stewart (3 rd Rock from the Sun), nominated for Disney's Hercules, was also a presenter in LA. Judge Judy Sheindlin along with her husband, Judge Jerry Sheindlin likewise presented, along with Robert Guillaume of SportsNight and Bill Nye, the Science Guy! Carly Schroeder (Serena, PC) and Bryant Jones (Nate Y&R) were the keepers of the statues, handing them to the presenters to give to the winners! Between us, Carly and Bryant stole the show! So adorable. And watch for Carly in the new Growing Up Brady television movie!

Lisa Vultaggio (Hannah, GH) who presented with co-star Billy Warlock (AJ, GH) had to heed nature's call just prior to their being asked to the podium. Of course, Warlock felt it necessary to share this with us all (as I am now sharing it with you! LOL), and faced the audience solo until Vultaggio arrived on stage, a little late, but far more comfortable!

Speaking of General Hospital, yours truly overheard a very intriguing rumor about an upcoming storyline on the show. For now, all I am at liberty to reveal is that a major character is going to be kidnapped!

This was the first ever Emmy function attended by Kirsten Storms (Belle, DOOL), and she was very delighted to be there! "I'm presenting with Jason Cook, who plays my kinda-sorta boyfriend, if you want to call it that," laughed Storms.

Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy, Passions) was excited to be heading to New York for the Emmy broadcast on ABC Friday, May 19, 2000 at 9 PM, ET. "We are going in mass," said Ulrich regarding the entire Passions cast. To the Emmy Committee she had these upbeat words: "You didn't nominate us, but we don't care, we are there anyway!"

Dana Sparks (Grace, Passions) was having a time of it deciding what to pack for the trip to New York! "I am trying to get ready to go," she said. "What dresses to take? Shoes, jewelry, bags, the right lingerie," she continued with a laugh. "It's a lot to pull all that together!" Especially for a formal function like the Daytime Emmy's. But Sparks is definitely looking forward to the trip. "It's going to be very exciting," she said.

On the east coast, stars from All My Children, As the World Turns, Guiding Light and One Life to Live presented winners with their statues. Lesli Kay (Molly, ATWT) was the only daytime drama presenter who got to present all alone! Everyone else was coupled by show, except for the One Life to Live presenters, who presented as a trio, and Marj Dusay (Vanessa, AMC) who was paired with Frank Dicopoulos (Frank, GL). Non daytime drama presenters on the east coast included Hume Crowyn, Bob McGrath, and Martha Stewart.

Back in LA, Kirsten Storms (Belle, DOOL) couldn't wait to share her great news with Soapdom. She has just signed to do the sequel of "Xenon, Girl of the 21st Century" that she did for the Disney Channel. "We begin production in September, and will shoot for about four weeks," said Storms. "I am really excited. The story of the first movie is about a girl who lives in a space station in the 21st century. But she is a very mischievous girl, and she gets grounded." Literally in this case, as she is sent to live back on earth! But as it turns out, she ends up saving the entire space station and everyone who lives on it. "She is this super woman," said Storms with a laugh. "The sequel takes off from there! And I am really excited about it."

Storms has also been invited to the High School Rodeo Championship in Illinois. "If I go, they are going to name me Honorary Rodeo Queen," she said. "I am so excited about that, too! I am going to wear a cowboy hat and a tiara!"

The LA stars and nominees gathered first for dinner, then proceeded downstairs to the Ballroom for the ceremony. Desert and coffee was offered after the show, and stars mingled with winners, nominees and other stars before heading off to the valet to get their cars. Lucky for me, I was waiting for my car along with Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy, Passions) and Dana Sparks (Grace, Passions). Little did I know I was first supposed to hand over my parking voucher to some guy way down the other side of the hotel entrance. Had it not been for Kim and Dana tipping me off, I would still be at the hotel! Thanks guys :o)

At the Marriott Marquis in New York, stars and nominees were treated to a cocktail hour. Dinner was served and the awards were presented during desert. The New York event was fairly straightforward, and everyone had a wonderful evening.

The Emmy Went to...

The Daytime Emmy's encompass not only Drama Series (soap opera) but any and all daytime programming between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Congratulations to all the winners of Game Show, Talk Show, Children's Programming and Special Programs. Here are the Daytime Drama Series winners.

Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design for a Drama Series -- All My Children, ABC

Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design for a Drama Series
One Life to Live, ABC

Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing for a Drama Series
The Young & the Restless, CBS

Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for a Drama Series
All My Children, ABC

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction for a Drama Series
The Young and the Restless, CBS

Outstanding Achievement in Makeup for a Drama Series
Port Charles, ABC

Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series -- One Life to Live, ABC

Outstanding Original Song
One Life to Live, ABC

Outstanding Achievement in Live and Direct to Tape Sound Mixing for a Drama Series -- One Life to Live, ABC

Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control for a Drama Series -- The Young & the Restless, CBS

Overall Wins:

One Life to Live 4
The Young & the Restless 3
All My Children 2
Port Charles 1


LA Daytime Drama Presenters:

Bold & the Beautiful:
Susan Flannery (Stephanie), Marissa Tate (Becky), Darlene Conley (Sally), Daniel McVicar (Clarke)

Days of Our Lives:
Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Patrika Darbo (Nancy), Jason Cook (Shawn), Kirsten Storms (Belle)

General Hospital:
A Martinez (Roy), Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie), Billy Warlock (AJ), Lisa Vultaggio (Hannah)

Dana Sparks (Grace), Taylor Anne Mountz (Kay), Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy) and Eva Tamargo Lemus (Pilar)

Port Charles:
Lynn Herring (Lucy), Kin Shriner (Scotty), Nolan North (Chris), Lisa Ann Hadley (Julie).

Young & the Restless:
Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki), Eric Braedon (Victor), Christian Le Blanc (Michael), Alex Donnelley (Diane)

NY Daytime Drama Presenters:

All My Children:
Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), Josh Duhamel (Leo), Abigail Spencer (Becca), Forbes March (Scott) and Marj Dusay (Vanessa)

As the World Turns:
Lesli Kay (Molly), Cassandra Creech (Denise), Kristina Sisco (Abigail), Terri Conn (Katie), and Paul Taylor (Issac),

Guiding Light:
Kim Zimmer (Reva), Laura Bell Bundy (Marah), Frank Dicopoulos (Frank), Victoria Platt (Vicky) and Terrell Tilford (David).

One Life to Live:
Charissa Chamorro (Sophia), Mark Derwin (Ben) and Timothy Gibbs (Kevin).