EMMY 1999 - Y&R and B&B Drivetime Flop

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Young, Jones, and LeBlanc rise early for a disappointing turnout

Ashley Jones (Megan, Y&R), Jacob Young (Rick, B&B) at the Harley Davidson Cafe. Photo: LMSDon't Touch that Dial!

On the morning of the Daytime Emmy broadcast, Y&R and B&B ran a cross promotion with Z100 radio and the Harley Davidson Cafe in New York City. As initially planned, the Z100 DeeJay would do the morning drive-time show live from the Cafe, and interview some of Emmy-nominated stars from both shows. Media was told to arrive at 7:00 AM for breakfast. Outstanding Younger Actor nominee, Jacob Young (Rick, B&B), Outstanding Younger Actress nominee, Ashley Jones (Megan, Y&R), and Outstanding Supporting Actor nominee, Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R) awoke from much needed sleep, and reported to the Harley Davidson Cafe bright and early. Ashley Jones was completely fresh-faced, and looked adorable in her black-framed glasses without a stick of make-up.

"I just woke up," she said, shying away from the camera. She was happy to hug gorgeous Jacob Young for posterity, however! Christian LeBlanc was staying at a friend's apartment nearby, so it wasn't that much of an inconvenience for him. Jacob Young never dreamed, just a bout a year before, that as he accepted the role of Rick on B&B he'd be standing in New York today, nominated for an Emmy. "It's amazing," he admitted. True troopers, these daytime folks. Not only were they up at the crack of dawn, but they were ready and willing to meet with their fans and give radio interviews. But....

...hardly any fans showed up. The Z100 DeeJay made a brief appearance and did about 5 minutes of live, on-air from the Cafe. I don't even think he interviewed the stars live (at least I didn't see that happening), as they were signing autographs for the 25 or so fans who did show up. Except for the Z100 DeeJay, and one or two other journalists, the media turnout was likewise disappointing.

The Y&R/B&B publicity people who coordinate the media events for both shows were disheartened with the poor turnout. Perhaps because there were so many Emmy events for the media to cover? Perhaps because this was scheduled at such an early hour on the same day as the Emmy's themselves? Not only was the turnout not as expected or promised, the Cafe reneged on giving the actors Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets in leather to thank them for coming. They offered a nice denim jacket, instead.

The fans who did make it to the Cafe at such an early hour were treated to tee shirts and baseball caps, fan club magazines, and several minutes of conversation from the stars. A morning they will not soon forget. If for no other reason, Christian, Jacob and Ashley were happy to oblige.

Speaking of Y&R and B&B fans, both shows do have an extremely loyal fan following...

Here, There, Everywhere

Young & the Restless and Bold & the Beautiful have an amazing fan base. At many of the Emmy-related events, the same people lined the lobby or the streets waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite Y&Rand B&B stars. When I asked how they knew of or heard of these events, the answers varied. "From the internet." "I am a member of the fan club." "I visit the Sony website and they called me and told me about it." "Kristoff (St. John) told me!"

One fan, who I saw at three separate Y&R related Emmy functions, wore a white sweatshirt that most of the cast had autographed on the back. In bright red ink. "I come into NYC to see them every year during the Emmy's," she said. "Plus, I have tickets to the Emmy show, too!"

Two other fans from Dallas treated themselves to a trip to NYC and tickets to the Emmy's. "We just graduated from Texas A&M, and this is our graduation present to ourselves, " they said. They saw a promo on the CBS website for tickets to the Emmys, so they followed up on it. "The B&B fan club called us and told us about all these events. So, here we are!" One has been a fan of Y&Rfor 12 years. "My grandmother got me hooked." The other, for about 7 years. Are they having a good time in New York? "The best!" Did they see or meet many of the stars? "You bet." Are they glad they came? "Wouldn't have missed it for anything!"