EMMY 1999 ~ Inside the Bubble ...Bitty Bubbles

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Insider tidbits on the 1999 Daytime Emmy Awards

Bon Appetite

This year, the Daytime Emmy Awards dinner was held on site at Madison Square Garden. According to a well-placed source, dinner was served in the Rotunda, the same area where, when the Circus comes to town, the elephants are staged. Talk about a three-ring surprise! A spokesperson for the Garden said that the floors are power washed and disinfected when the elephants pack their trunks and leave. The room is repainted and carpets are installed. It is then decorated to befit an Awards ceremony, complete with plants and more of that drape and pipe. Dessert anyone? Avoid the chocolate cakes!

Guns and Rosie's

Rosie O'Donnell won two Emmys this year: Outstanding Talk Show and Outstanding Talk Show Host. In light of the controversy surrounding her uncomfortable on-air interview with Tom Selleck, a spokesperson for the NRA (National Riflemen's Association), several days before, neither she, nor any member of her staff, visited the press room. "Rosie will not be joining us," a CBS spokesperson informed the journalists. "She doesn't want to put herself in the position to be questioned on the Tom Selleck matter."

Stats All Folks
1989-99 Outstanding Drama Series Nominees Award History

For Outstanding Drama Series:

All My Children
Nominations: 24 Wins: 3

General Hospital
Nominations: 15 Wins: 5

Young & the Restless
Nominations: 19 Wins: 5

Days of our Lives
Nominations: 11 Wins: 1

In all Categories:

The Young and the Restless
Total Emmy Nominations: 198 Total Emmy Wins: 60

All My Children
Total Emmy Nominations: 256 Total Emmy Wins: 46

General Hospital
Total Emmy Nominations: 170 Total Emmy Wins: 31

Days of Our Lives
Total Emmy Nominations: 140 Total Emmy Wins 22