EMMY 2014 ~ Can't wait to cover the Daytime Emmy Awards

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Soapdom's Mark Edward WilowsIt's getting closer! The 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards on June 22, and I will be doing the red carpet. How much more exciting can it be? In my line of work, I get to meet the PTB (powers that be), I get to chat and hang with the stars, I get to visit the sets, but what can be more thrilling than being on the Red Carpet? This is a dream come true and it is my first time covering the event from smack in the middle of Hollywood at the famed Beverly Hilton Hotel. Oh my God what will I wear?

I must say I'm truly looking forward to the event. And I'm so excited about who will take home the statue. I have my predictions, do you?

Working the red carpet is probably what most people dream of, and I will get to live it. I will be traveling with several friends who are huge fans of the shows and can't wait to go. And then upon arriving in Los Angeles, I can't wait to meet all my friends. I have plans, plans, plans in the City of Angeles.

To me the Emmy Award is the biggest accolade an actor can receive because it is given by their peers. And this night is very special for the performer because they too dream about this magical event that they can be a part of. It's their one time of year that they get to sparkle, not that they don't look great every day, but again...this is the red carpet!

The Daytime Emmy's have been through a lot over the years. Back in the day (1980's) it was an afternoon show on network TV, then it moved to prime time network, then to cable, and now in 2014, the 42st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards with today's technology will stream online.

Like life changes, so have the Emmy Awards, but it is still a great feeling in knowing that no matter which form they are in, they are still around.

So come June 22, I will be so proud to be standing and talking to some of Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars. Win or lose, it's all a part of the game, but to me this will be a night to always remember. And be sure to check back to Soapdom for the latest on Emmy Award night. For now...I have packing to do.