Tuesday, October 3, 2006

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Episode #10,411----Sami and Lucas, new roommates for Will's sake, are getting ready to take their son to a family dinner. Sami walks in on shirtless Lucas, and can't help staring. EJ enters, none too pleased that Sami and Lucas are shacking up. Sami quickly explains that it's platonic, they're doing this for Will. Besides, Lucas is sleeping on the couch. Relieved, EJ asks Sami out on a date. Lucas is privately angry as Sami agrees to go to dinner the next night. Later, Lucas tells Sami he doesn't want to sleep on the couch. He tries to convince her to share her bed, but she refuses. We see the unspoken attraction between the two.

Bo and Hope go out for coffee after a hard day. Bo can't get over the fact that Hope is a grandmother. She's still so young and beautiful. We see their deep connection as they take a stroll on the docks and soon find themselves at the Fancy Face. In a series of emotional scenes, Hope confides her feelings of responsibility for Zack's death. Bo wishes she wouldn't blame herself. She was a perfect mother to their little boy. Heartfelt emotion leads to romance. Bo and Hope kiss, and he carries her onto the boat. They're finally reunited, and they make heart-stopping love!

Bonnie finds Mimi alone and devastated after Shawn walked out on her. Bonnie tries to lift her daughter's spirits, but Mimi is sure her marriage is over. In counterpoint, Shawn works off his anger on the basketball court where he meets a young hooker named Willow. Shawn doesn't want her services, but he gives her cash to get off the street and buy new clothes. He also gives her Maggie's phone number, and a reference for a job opening at Chez Rouge. Willow is moved. She leaves Shawn with an angel medal, hoping it will solve all his problems. Alone, Shawn stares at the medal, wondering what to do.

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