Thursday, January 27, 2000

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Brandon gets the information about Abe from his hacker contact. He scans through the file and comes across something very interesting about the esteemed Commander Carver. Later, Brandon shows Nicole the file and she's floored. She can't believe this is the same Abe Carver who used to give her lollipops as a kid. Nicole advises Brandon to set aside his anger and let this go, but Brandon says he can't forget about what happened in the past.

Nicole stops by the Horton house and tells Greta she needs an answer about the apartment now. Greta makes a spur of the moment decision, she'll take it. Nicole, with her own agenda, is delighted. Later, Greta blindfolds Eric and says she has a surprise for him.

John tells Eric, Marlena, and Belle that there's a chance Hope may still be alive. This comes as a total shock to all. Later, Marlena and John discuss the situation. Marlena wants to be sure that there's nothing John remembers about his missing time at sea. Will John finally break down and tell Marlena the truth about what went on in the submarine?

Hope tells Stefano she isn't feeling well and needs to see a doctor. When Kurt opens the slot on the turret door, both Hope and Stefano plead with him to let her see a doctor. Kurt isn't sure what to do. He sends through some antibiotics for the time being. Later, Hope starts to get the feeling she knows exactly what's wrong with her.