Thursday, January 13, 2000

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Nicole sets Eric up and learns that he still cares for her. But, then she finds out that Eric is helping Greta find a new apartment. Obviously Eric and Greta are getting serious if he's helping her find a place to live, and this infuriates Nicole. Later, Nicole runs into Austin at the house. He advises her to ease up on the drinking, and Nicole shockingly takes this as a sign that Austin has the hots for her.

Sami gets all dressed up, but Austin doesn't even notice. This leaves her inwardly upset. She asks him if he'd like to go do something, but Austin can't. He's headed for the gym. Later, Brandon drops by and comments on how great Sami looks. She's thrilled that at least someone noticed. Brandon insists on taking Sami out so he can show her off.

Lili suggests that she and Greta head back to Europe. Greta is torn. She'd like to leave Salem because she blames herself for everything that happened to "Hope," yet, she still has feelings for Eric and doesn't want to leave him. Later, Greta bumps into Eric, and she tells him that she's decided to leave for Europe.

Both Shawn and Bo get quite a shock today. Shawn learns that "Hope" has been badly hurt, and it doesn't look good. Caroline and Julie go on to tell him that "Hope" shot at Marlena, although she wasn't hurt. This hits Shawn like a ton of bricks. Meanwhile, Doug and Grandpa Shawn tell Bo that "Hope" was responsible for Shawn's near death experience. She tried to kill him. Later, Bo and Shawn mend fences. They know they have to unite in order to be there for "Hope."

Inside the castle turret, Stefano finally fixes the radio transmitter. As he tries to contact the outside world, hope tells him to hurry it up. They've got to get out of there ASAP because it looks like they've only got enough food for about two weeks. Later Stefano makes contact with a radio station and furiously taps out his SOS message.