Friday, January 21, 2000

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John is shocked when he reads "Hope's" file. He is struck with the upsetting memory of making love to "Hope" on the submarine. Marlena notices John's distress and calls him on it. She wants to know if he's remembered anything. John, not wanting to break his wife's heart, opts not to tell her the truth about his lovemaking session. He assures her the past is the past, and his future is with Marlena. But we get the feeling Marlena thinks John is keeping something from her.

Stefano's hand is sore from Kurt's stabbing, so Hope offers to take her turn tapping out their S.O.S. Almost immediately, the radio station responds and encourages them to continue the signal so they can narrow down the exact location.

There's an unlikely partnership as Abe and Victor decide to help each other find Stefano. Victor calls one of his contacts and learns that Gina von Amberg chartered a flight from Salem to Europe on December 17th, the last day Stefano was seen in Salem. Questions arise which no one can answer, but Abe assures a concerned Lexie that they'll do everything they can to get some answers.

Bo, Shawn, and Roman set sail on the Fancy Face II in search of a location to later scatter "Hope's" ashes. This is extremely difficult for father and son, but Bo knows he must be strong. After stopping at five different locations, Bo still isn't satisfied. He wants Hope's final resting place to be perfect, and he hasn't gotten any positive vibes yet.

Doug and Julie sort through "Hope's" things from her hotel suite, but find it strange that she had so many unusual and un-Hope-like belongings. Lili tries to convince them that it was Gina who died, but Doug won't believe it. Finally, Lili comes up with an idea. Princess Gina had her appendix removed and Hope didn't. All they have to do is check the body for a scar. Doug thinks it's worth a shot, so he calls the crematorium in hopes of convincing them to stop "Hope's" cremation. Easier said than done. Bo is the only one with that power. Will they find him before it's too late?