Friday, January 14, 2000

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Austin says he thinks Nicole is miserable, but she denies it. In fact, Nicole says that Austin is the one who is unhappy. Austin doesn't let this affect him. He tells Nicole that she could use a heavy dosage of hope in her life. Later, Nicole lets her anger emerge as she says that her mother was a firm believe in hope, and it certainly didn't get her very far.

Sami tries to learn more about Brandon's past, but he doesn't let her in. He instead flirts with her, and the two end up on the ice skating rink. Sami teaches Brandon how to skate like a pro, but when he finally thinks he's mastered it, he crashes to the ground. Sami goes to help him, but falls down, hurting her leg. Brandon tends to Sami's injury, and she later presses him for information about his childhood.

Julie takes Doug to the hospital chapel so they can pray for "Hope," but Doug doubts it will do any good. He vents his anger at God for putting them through so much. Julie calms him and says that "Hope" doesn't have much time left, and she needs their prayers. Doug breaks down in tears and prays for his "daughter." Later, Bo shows up and as he prays, gets a surreal vision of Hope telling him that it's not too late, he can still save her.

Belle is shocked when Roman tells her that "Hope" is on her deathbed. Belle knows this must by extremely tough on Shawn, so she hurries off to find him. Later, Belle finds Shawn and offers her comfort and support. But she gets quite a shock when he tells her that "Hope" tried to kill him. And he completely blames himself. Belle really feels for her friend, and tells him that none of this is his fault.

Shawn visits "Hope" and she tries to tell him the truth. That she isn't his mother. But before she can explain anything, Greta enters. "Hope" tells Shawn she'd like to spend some time alone with Greta. Shawn is confused, and a bit hurt, but he leaves them. "Hope" tries to convince Greta that she is Princess Gina, but Greta has difficulty believing her until "Hope" tells Greta who her father is. Later, Bo is at "Hope's" bedside, and just as she starts to tell him the truth about her identity, she flatlines.