Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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Episode #11244----Troy's hired gun, Al, is about to shoot Arianna when Brady enters. He hides the gun before Arianna and Brady see and slips out. When Troy learns Al was unable to kill Arianna, he vows to try again. Later, Troy lies to Arianna about a delayed shipment. She goes to Nicole's sentencing, but is upset to witness Brady's undying support and love for Nicole.

Mia, jealous of the closeness between Chad and Gabi, convinces Gabi to come to court. Chad needs her support. Gabi is horrified to discover that Chad and Mia had a baby together and later confronts Chad about why he didn't tell her as a pleased Mia looks on.

Rafe tells Sami that the FBI reinstated him. He, Sami, and Will go to Nicole's sentencing hearing where Sami, EJ, Mia and Chad make emotional appeals, all testifying to how Nicole hurt and betrayed them. Brady makes an emotional plea in Nicole's defense. Nicole also testifies and admits that she's guilty and should receive the maximum sentence. The judge is moved by her honesty and Rafe, Sami and EJ fear he's going to set Nicole free because of it, especially since he reacts in anger toward EJ and Sami for their past misconduct. Nicole rises as the judge is about to impose his sentence.

Stephanie is angry with Nathan for fighting with Philip and ending up in jail over Melanie. Sincere, Nathan tells her that he's over Melanie for good and hopes that Stephanie will give him a second chance. Meanwhile, Philip and Melanie prepare to elope to Las Vegas. After they make love, Melanie has a fantasy about Nathan and convinces Philip that they should take a long honeymoon in Europe. Later, while Stephanie tells Philip she's hopeful about her relationship with Nathan growing, Melanie tells Nathan that she's quitting the nursing program.

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