Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Episode #11254----Sami, Rafe and EJ tensely wait for the possible kidnapper to take the ransom money. When she does, the feds arrest her, and Sami, Rafe and EJ head to the police station to learn her identity. Rafe confirms the woman works near the pier, but has no police record or connection to Nicole. She isn't the kidnapper. Rafe and Sami receive a fax from the kidnappers stating they know Sami brought in the feds. She'll never see Sydney again.

Philip calls Carly on her intention to seduce Bo while Vivian tells Hope about it. Bo insists to Carly the lie is necessary to protect her daughter from Vivian. When Hope sees Bo is no longer wearing his wedding ring, she believes the lie. Devastated, Hope cries in Justin's arms. He assures her he and his love will always be waiting for her.

Gabi gets permission from her mother to go to the Olympics with Chad, T and Kinsey. Jealous, Mia tries to focus on Will, but later, at Grace's grave, admits that while wanting both Chad and Will is wrong, she can't lose anyone else in her life.

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