Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Episode #11273 --- Melanie is rushed to the hospital with Philip by her side. He confronts Carly about Melanie being her daughter. Brady and Maggie try to calm down Philip.

Vivian moves to follow Melanie to the hospital, but Victor confronts her about the comb and her lies. He tells her to pray that Melanie lives and they get ready to leave for the hospital. Kate and Lucas observe a nervous Vivian and discuss

what happened on the roof. Kate suspects Vivian and vows to make her pay if Philip is hurt.

The doctor treating Hope confirms to Bo that she will recover. Maxine enters and tells Bo what has happened to Melanie. He finds Carly in the hall and asks her to explain. Carly sees and attacks Vivian, but Bo intervenes. Bo is in shock when he discovers Carly has admitted to being Melanie's mother. Meanwhile, Justin goes in to see Hope, and is hurt when she mutters in her sleep that she loves Bo.

Daniel explains that Chloe's suffering from a hysterical pregnancy and comforts her. Later, he aids Lexie in surgery and Melanie flat lines. Meanwhile, Chloe discovers what's going on and shows her support for Philip with a hug. At the Brady Pub, Arianna questions Chloe about her good news and she begins to cry. Chloe explains that she's not pregnant and never will be.

At the lodge, Nathan knocks over Stephanie's purse and is about to find Melanie's letter. Stephanie appears and stops him. She claims Nathan is going through her things. He apologizes and they make love.

Rafe comforts Sami and then goes to meet Anna at the police station. He notices that Anna is nervous and tells her to relax. Before Rafe gets far with questioning her, he receives a call and leaves unexpectedly. Meanwhile, EJ takes Sydney's clothes and dumps them into the harbor. He calls Sami to meet at the DiMera Mansion and apologizes for upsetting her. EJ brings up Johnny and they argue. Rafe arrives and is forced to tell Sami exactly what had been found in the harbor. Sami is heartbroken as EJ identifies the clothing. Rafe attempts to comfort her as EJ tells her to have hope. Elsewhere, Anna plays cheerfully with Sydney.