Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Episode #11269 --- Carly frantically tries to call Bo to tell him that she has her memory back and that Vivian knows Melanie is her daughter. Unfortunately, Bo can't be reached and neither can Melanie. Nathan admonishes Carly not to leave the hospital, but she decides to sneak out. She's almost home free when she's intercepted by Gus, who kidnaps her to a darkened basement.

Hope, with an assist from Ciara, finally learns that Melanie is Carly's daughter. Hope tells Justin she's afraid that Melanie is

in danger. She leaves Bo a message, and crosses with Victor and speaks to him frankly regarding her concerns and his bad mood. He strongly insists that he would never let Vivian commit mayhem against Philip's bride.

Vivian gives Melanie her wedding present and she opens it, and is stunned to find a beautiful comb. Meanwhile, Maggie is having a hard time on her anniversary and calls to say she won't be able to make it to the wedding. While Stephanie and Arianna help her get ready for the wedding, Melanie is affected by Maggie's cancellation and is plagued by thoughts of Nathan.

Lucas tells Philip he thinks Melanie might still have feelings for Nathan. Philip is naturally upset by this and tells his brother if he wants to help, keep an eye on Kate. Kate, meanwhile, accepts Stefano's offer to keep Vivian out of the limelight today.

Chloe learns that she is pregnant! She tries to tell Daniel, but is unsuccessful.