Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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Episode #11243----Sami secretly meets with EJ, who tells her he's received another note from the kidnapper. When Sami and EJ have difficulty deciphering the instructions, Sami wants to call Rafe for help. EJ again persuades her that this would only endanger Sydney. They arrive at the pier and receive a call from Anna using a voice changer. Eventually, Anna makes a $5 million ransom demand. She reiterates that Sami had better keep her mouth shut, most especially to Rafe. EJ assures Sami that he will get the money and that they will get their daughter back. Sami desperately wants to believe him but, at home, she starts having second thoughts about putting her daughter's life in EJ's hands. Meanwhile, Brady shows up at Sami's townhouse, and finds Rafe there. Brady wanted to tell Sami that he visited Nicole last night to see if she remembered anything else, and Rafe questions Brady about his feelings for Nicole. Rafe warns him that he better not end up hurting Arianna. Rafe leaves and has a mysterious meeting with his FBI friend. After his meeting, Rafe is about to tell Sami his huge news in person when he gets a call from her. Sami has something she needs to tell Rafe, too.

Bo sees that Justin's moving out of the Kiriakis mansion, and Hope is forced to tell him why, but she realizes that Bo already knew. Bo presses Hope about the nature of her feelings for Justin, and Hope is sorely tempted to tell the truth, but ultimately she realizes she can't. Bo takes Ciara to Maggie's, and Maggie urges Bo to make a New Year's resolution to work on his marriage. Meanwhile, Hope apologizes to Justin for the fact that their cover hit so close to home for him, especially since she does not reciprocate his feelings. Justin is understanding, but says maybe someday she will.

Troy hires an assassin to take Arianna out of action. The assassin arrives to carry out his mission when the Brady pub is closed and Arianna is busy taking inventory. Brady shows up to see Arianna, who tells him about the incident with Troy's phone. Brady's worried that Arianna's getting into an increasing amount of danger, but Arianna is sure that Troy is clueless about what she is up to. Brady admits that he saw Nicole last night. Arianna understands when he explains that he went partly for Sydney's sake. They ring in the New Year together, but their celebration is interrupted by Gabi. Arianna wants to have a heart-to-heart with her sister about Chad, so Brady leaves. But, Troy has Arianna get rid of Gabi so Al can do his job. He stealthily enters the pub while Arianna is working alone.

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