Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Episode #11253----Philip asks Bo to be one of his groomsmen and Bo, aware Vivian is listening, lets Philip think he and Carly have sort of picked up where they left off in the past. Meanwhile, Melanie finds out she has to ask Carly's permission to freeze her credits and course work until after her honeymoon. Melanie gets creeped out by Carly and runs off. Later, Melanie returns for her sweater, and tells Carly she's going off on an extended honeymoon with Philip. Carly is horrified to hear that Melanie had a terrible childhood with Trent, and is glad both her parents are dead. After Melanie leaves, Carly has visions of Lawrence taunting her by saying he's won.

Vivian is determined to find out if Mia's the daughter, but then after hearing about Bo's "affair" with Carly, wonders if the daughter could be anywhere and the reason Carly killed Lawrence is for Bo. Vivian commends Philip for not inviting Carly to the wedding and Vivian thinks she and Melanie are going to be great friends. Also, Bo confides to Abe he put this untruth in motion about his affair with Carly. Abe worries it's only going to hurt Hope and Bo, regrettably, knows it.

After a run in with Vivian, Kate decides to step up her game in winning Melanie's favor, but is blown off by her. She goes to Maggie's to get some advice on how to deal. Kate comes by to check on Maggie, but ends up prying her on how to connect with Melanie. Maggie blows up and throws her out.

Stephanie presents Nathan with a press release announcing he's the intern of the year. Nathan is touched and wishes his grandfather knew. Stephanie admits she told Mickey. Grateful, Nathan and Stephanie grow closer as they share a kiss.

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