Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Alison Sweeney (Sami, DOOL)Episode #11277 --- Sami arrives surprised to see EJ and Rafe at her house. EJ explains he wanted to grieve with her over their loss of Sydney while Rafe says he wanted to let Sami know he intends to find Sydney's abductors and bring them to justice. Sami doesn't understand Rafe's inability to grieve and asks him to leave. EJ "comforts" her. Later, Rafe goes to his office and starts to break down when he sees the remains of Sydney's clothes. Sami walks in on him.

Bo tells Vivian that Melanie is recovering. Lawrence makes an appearance to Vivian. He says if Carly manages to see her daughter and form a bond with her, then Vivian's plan to

make Carly suffer has failed. Vivian realizes he's right and decides she must finish what she began and kill Melanie.

Daniel tells Bo Carly is at hospital. Angry, Bo takes her away. Carly explains she risked her freedom to see her daughter hoping if Melanie knew the truth, she'd be grateful. Instead, Melanie rejected her. Meanwhile, Melanie asks Philip if he believes Carly is her mother. Philip admits he's not sure. Melanie recalls her interactions with Carly, and tells Philip she made up her mind about something. Carly gets a call from Philip, telling her Melanie wants to see her.

Mia is thrilled to be comforted by Chad over Melanie's shooting. She's crushed, however, when Gabi shows up, having accompanied Chad. Alone with Gabi, Mia tells her Chad will hurt her. Gabi thinks Mia is the one who will be hurt. When Gabi and Chad leave, Mia vows to get Chad back.

Chloe thinks Carly is selfish for giving her baby away. Daniel realizes Chloe is reacting to her hysterical pregnancy, and assures her they will get through this together.