Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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Episode #11272--- Bo arrives at the basement to find Hope unconscious and no sign of Carly. He pulls her free from the crates and tells her to not give up. Hope is taken to the hospital where she awakens to find Bo by her side. She asks about Carly.

Stephanie receives a text from Nathan to meet him outside. He whisks her away on their romantic getaway. Stephanie believes that Nathan could be the one and he agrees. At the lodge Stephanie nearly reveals

Melanie's letter, but decides against it. She and Nathan kiss.

At the wedding reception, Maggie has a conversation with Victor about welcoming Melanie into his family. At the same time, Kate has a change of heart about Vivian and tells Stefano to call off his men. Meanwhile, Will gives Mia a Valentine's Day gift. Will suggests they sneak out of the wedding when Lucas is disapproving. Also, Brady jokes with Arianna about getting engaged until they are interrupted by Victor.

Vivian finds Melanie at the wedding reception and tells her she has information about her mother. She takes her up to the roof to "talk." Meanwhile, Carly arrives at the wedding reception and Maggie tells her Vivian and Melanie are on the roof. Carly arrives in time to see Vivian about to push an unaware Melanie off the roof. Melanie turns to question Carly as Vivian reaches for a metal rod. There's a scuffle, and Melanie is shot. Carly is horrified and Vivian is pleased. Meanwhile, Philip searches for Melanie at the reception. He and Brady discover a wounded Melanie on the roof.

EJ tells Sami that they need to face the fact that Sydney is probably dead. Too much time has passed and he blames Rafe for this. Sami defends him. Later, Rafe arrives and promises Sami that he will find Sydney. Rafe interviews everyone involved in the case again. Meanwhile, EJ tells Anna that Sami must suffer until she has nothing left. Rafe calls Anna to meet and she agrees, shaken by EJ's rage. Anna asks EJ if he's planning on killing Sami.

Chloe meets Daniel at the hospital where he has made surprise arrangements for Chloe to have a sonogram. The doctor can find no signs of a baby. Daniel is shocked and Chloe is in denial.