Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Episode #11245----The judge is ready to sentence Nicole. Feeling the judge may take pity on Nicole and let her walk; Sami has an outburst which causes chaos in the court room. The judge regains order and sentences Nicole to twenty years in prison to pay for her crimes. After the initial shock dies down, Nicole asks the court if she may speak. Nicole says that after everything that has happened, Sydney doesn't deserve to be punished. Please find her. Nicole is hauled away, and court is dismissed. Brady walks off as Sami, Will, DA Woods, Rafe, and EJ all rejoice. Sami's glad that Nicole is finally behind bars, but the next step is to find Sydney. Rafe tells EJ he's back in the FBI and after he takes a call, EJ asks Sami if maybe they should tell Rafe about the ransom. Rafe overhears part of EJ and Sami's discussion and doesn't completely buy EJ's cover. He later tests Sami by asking her if she's told him everything and Sami seems conflicted about what to say. Meanwhile, Arianna realizes that Brady still loves Nicole, but she cannot deny that she still loves Brady. She tells Brady to go to Nicole and say goodbye. At the same time, Chloe visits Nicole and tells her how sorry she is. Nicole doesn't care about anything, but Sydney and tries to remember what happened the night she was taken. They promise to still be friends and keep in touch. Chloe leaves and Brady enters. Nicole warns Brady about Arianna, expresses her love for him, and then pushes him away before she leaves Salem in chains.

Gabi asks Chad why he didn't tell her he had a kid with Mia. Before he can explain, he's called back to work. Mia sits with Gabi and talks up her old relationship with Chad, and insists she and Chad are soul mates. Mia gets a call from Will and tells the bunch that Nicole got sentenced twenty years. Mia leaves to meet with Will while Chad tries to explain what happened between him and Mia, but Gabi won't hear it. Off her conversation with Mia, Gabi tells Chad they shouldn't be friends and exits. Meanwhile, Gabi interrupts Mia and Will kissing, and after Gabi confronts Mia about her feels for Chad, Will overhears and wonders what's going on.

Maggie prepares to go on a cruise with Mickey. She sets up for Chloe to take over her volunteer slot at the hospital. Lexie comes in and tells Chloe about Nicole's sentencing. Alone, Lexie and Maggie talk about family.

Spooked, Anna worries Nicole's fate could be hers too, and fears someone is watching her. When she is about to flee, she opens the door to someone standing in her way...

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