Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Episode #11250----The Hortons gather at Maggie's where Bo and Hope have an honest heart-to-heart, but it is interrupted by Justin. EJ shows up and delivers a convincing speech about his effort to turn over a new leaf.

Rafe decides to revisit the DiMera mansion and look for a link to the person who may have taken Sydney. Stefano, meanwhile, learns that EJ is selling assets and confronts him about it. Rafe overhears their argument, but EJ concocts a convincing cover. Stefano, wondering what his son's up to, warns Rafe that EJ can be duplicitous. Meanwhile, an impatient Anna finds out that it's time to move on to the next step.

Vivian and Victor speculate as to the identity of Carly's child. Meanwhile, Carly finally reveals who her daughter is. She tells Bo that her daughter hates her. Earlier, Carly had words with Mia and Melanie, and learns that Melanie is engaged to Philip.

Al succeeds in pulling off his "robbery" attempt and is just about to off Arianna when Brady rides in to the rescue. While Arianna is appreciative, she is sure she could have handled it on her own. She is still unsettled by the notion that Brady wants to "save" her.

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