Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Joe Mascolo (Stefano, DOOL)Episode #11279 --- Melanie confronts Carly about the identity of her father. Carly realizes there is someone she must see and leaves Melanie in the dark. Bo confirms to Hope that he loves Carly just as Carly walks up. She tells him she needs to tell a special someone about Melanie. Bo will have Melanie's door guarded. After moving to the police station, Hope offers to help Bo with Carly's situation. Bo receives a call, and tells Hope she just might get her chance.

After conducting business, Stefano and Victor discuss Sydney's death. Stefano vows

whoever is responsible will be punished to the fullest extent of his power.

Vivian explains her decision to kill Melanie to Gus, and begins to prepare for her demise. She runs into Victor, who tells her to stick around regardless of what Philip has said. Victor is interrupted by a business call and Vivian, set on her mission, says goodbye. Back at the hospital, Melanie tells Philip he should have never married her due to her screwed up past. Maggie shows up, and after Philip leaves, Maggie lends an ear as Melanie wonders about everything that has transpired since, and after the shooting. Maggie comforts Melanie. As she leaves, Maggie feels a sudden rush of dizziness. She shakes it off, but realizes something might be terribly wrong. Later, Vivian arrives at the hospital to kill Melanie.

Daniel and Chloe discuss Carly's life choices. Daniel relates Chloe's dislike of Carly to her being unable to conceive child, and offers to go to a therapy session with her. Chloe protests, and later with Philip, expresses the fact she hasn't been going to therapy at all. She can't tell Daniel the truth.

EJ is stunned to find Rafe and Sami back together. EJ covers and says he came by to retrieve the rest of Johnny's things. EJ gives Rafe some lip about him being around and Rafe is suspicious of why EJ cares more about Sami and Rafe being together than about Sydney. Sami asks them to stop fighting. EJ leaves, and Will shows. Sami asks Rafe to leave, so she can have a moment with Will. Rafe agrees, and leaves a still suspicious of EJ's motives. Sami explains to Will that Sydney is most likely no longer with them and Will refuses to believe it. Meanwhile, Rafe meets with Stefano. The two discuss EJ's awkward behavior. At the cottage, EJ enters furious, but when Anna points out that Sami will always love a hero, he hits on a whole new idea.