Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Episode # 11274 --- Vivian faces off with Bo, and Philip is conflicted on whose story to believe. Kate comforts him and begins to shed some light on Vivian's possible motives for harming Melanie. Victor reminds Vivian that her fate rests on Melanie's. Kate has it out with Victor suspecting he was in on Vivian's plan. Kate wonders why Victor is protecting Vivian. Lexie explains that Melanie needs blood. Bo leaves with Carly to donate blood. Meanwhile, Daniel works on Melanie, who is now hooked up to a cardiopulmonary machine. He repairs the damage and tells her to fight for the happy life she will have with Philip. Lexie brings in Carly's blood and explains to Daniel that Carly is Melanie's mother. Back in the nurses' station, Abe tells Bo he's got to play this case by the book. Bo is forced to take both Vivian and Carly into custody. Carly is "visited" by Lawrence who explains that he couldn't have done it better himself. Later, Bo comforts Carly and tells her to have faith that

Melanie will pull through. Back at the hospital, Melanie comes out of surgery thanks to Daniel's heroic efforts. Philip is able to see her for a moment and tells her that he loves her.

EJ helps Sami cling on to hope. While waiting for the DNA results, Sami and EJ bond over talking about their daughter. The test results come back and reveal that the blood is Sydney's. Sami is upset. A gulf grows between her and Rafe as EJ paints a picture of what probably happened to Sydney. Rafe feels guilty. Later, Lucas hears about what happened and comes to comfort Sami and help tell Allie. Rafe takes a phone call and Sami complains to Lucas about Rafe being unable to grieve. She walks out and Lucas follows. Meanwhile, Anna tells Sydney that she's about to start a new life with her daddy. EJ returns and explains to Sydney that this is for her own good. EJ explains his secret plan to Johnny.