Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Monday, January 4, 2010

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Episode #11242----Victor and Vivian catch Justin and Hope in a lip lock. Victor is furious and demands an explanation, and when Hope and Justin try to cover, Victor kicks Justin out of the house. Victor asks Vivian for a moment with Hope. He seizes the opportunity and demands to know what Hope was thinking. Genuine, Hope admits it's because of Carly. She tells Victor about how she saw Bo and Carly kissing and she feels her marriage is over for good. Angry, Victor wants her to think about what she's doing. Hope threatens to move out, but Victor tells her that he wants her to stay.

Bo finds Carly at the hospital and tells her the good news that the information about her daughter seems to be safe for now. Carly is relieved and thanks Bo. He gives her a party favor he picked up over the holiday and wishes her a Happy New Year. Carly goes back to work, but is stuck reminiscing of a past New Year's celebration with Bo. Meanwhile, Hope calls Justin and apologizes for him getting the boot. She tells him that she nearly left too, but Victor asked her to stay. Justin is glad because the answer to Carly's secret lies in Vivian's puzzle box. Hope apologizes for their kiss. She's sorry, but Justin's not. Later, Justin runs into Carly and she learns that he's moving out. She guesses it has something to do with Hope. At the same time, Bo runs into Vivian, who tells him that she and Victor caught Hope kissing Justin and warns him that he needs to do something about it before it's too late.

Melanie and Stephanie learn that Philip and Nathan are in jail and rush to their aid. Meanwhile, Philip lays into Nathan, who is determined to tell Melanie she's making a mistake in marrying Philip. As the arguing continues, Philip wants to know where Stephanie fits into all of this, and Nathan says she doesn't. The girls arrive and Philip is free to go on bail. When he's forced to go upstairs to fill out paperwork, Nathan has his moment alone with Melanie. He urges her to reconsider, and insists that Philip is the wrong guy. Melanie disagrees and claims he's Mr. Right. At the same time, Philip reluctantly tells Stephanie that he and Nathan were fighting about Melanie. After Melanie and Philip leave, Stephanie decides Nathan is on his own.

Brady tries to pull Nicole out of her dark place. He tells her she can get through this and Nicole wonders why she ignored the truth from the beginning. It was Brady who she loved. Brady tells her that maybe their time has passed, but for her to never give up on life. After he leaves, Nicole decides to change her plea and throw herself on the mercy of the court.

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