Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Monday, February 22, 2010

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Episode #11276 --- Melanie wakes up to find Carly by her side. At first she's confused and disoriented, not sure what she's doing in the hospital. Then Melanie recalls being shot, and she freaks out. Daniel intervenes, and assures Melanie that she's safe. Carly explains Vivian, wanting revenge for Carly murdering Lawrence, tried to murder Melanie on her wedding day. Melanie doesn't understand why Vivian

targeted her. It's not like she knows Carly. Carly says that's not true, and informs Melanie that she's her mother.

Bo confronts Victor about Vivian but Victor doesn't reveal anything. Later, Abe warns Bo that Carly should lie low. Bo calls Carly, but she doesn't answer.

Philip takes Vivian to task over what transpired. Vivian tells Philip the reason she took Melanie to the roof was to warn her about her mother. Philip doesn't buy it and, to Vivian's horror, declares she's dead to him. Victor shows up, and he informs Philip that Melanie is awake. Philip rushes off, and Vivian realizes she dodged a bullet. Victor warns her that Melanie better live or Vivian will suffer his wrath.

A furious Rafe explains to Arianna that they found Sydney's baby clothes in the river with her blood on them. Arianna is in shock, but Rafe believes that Sydney is still alive and he will prove it. He continues to say that EJ and Sami blame him for Sydney's death. Arianna gives Rafe a pep talk and tells him to keep fighting and doing what he thinks is right. Meanwhile, Anna doesn't like how EJ's treating Sami in all of this. EJ couldn't care less about what she thinks and tells her everything is going perfectly. Brady meets him on the pier and EJ asks Brady to tell Nicole Sydney is dead. Brady is stunned. EJ knows Nicole loved Sydney, so she should know. Arianna approaches and EJ lays the blame on Rafe. It's his fault Sydney is dead. Arianna disagrees, and defends her brother. After EJ leaves, Arianna is upset learn that Brady is going to inform Nicole about Sydney. Arianna believes Nicole is to blame for Sydney's fate, and that even in prison Nicole's still present in their relationship. Meanwhile, Rafe, off of Arianna's advice, goes to Sami's townhouse, but he's surprised to find the door opened by EJ.