Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Friday, January 8, 2010

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Episode #11246----It's finally revealed who enlisted Anna's help to kidnap Sydney.

Sami desperately wants to tell Rafe the truth about the ransom note, but remains torn and silent when Rafe expresses his surprise that the kidnapper has yet to make contact. Alone with Bo, Rafe lets his anger and fear show when he tells Bo they both know that the more time passes, the less likely it is that Sydney will be rescued. He remains determined to bring her home. Meanwhile, EJ calls Sami to find out what she told Rafe after they came home from the courtroom. Sami admits to him that she's finding it harder to keep the secret. EJ tells her it's her choice, but reassures her that the ransom drop should go smoothly. Sami ultimately decides to stay quiet and assures Rafe she has utter faith that Sydney will come home.

Hope arrives at Maggie's and helps her out. Will is fed up with Mia's lies and breaks up with her.

Justin and Bo have it out. Justin admits his feelings for Hope, but he tells Bo that he needs to figure out what he wants because he can't have both women. At the same time, Vivian taunts Carly when they find themselves trapped together taking a long ride on the hospital elevator. Carly and Vivian discuss the truth behind Lawrence's death. When Vivian gets off, she pushes all the buttons. Carly panics as the elevator becomes stuck and her claustrophobia kicks in. After a maintenance worker works on the elevator, Bo strolls by and as soon as the doors open, she goes into his arms. He takes her home, and they wind up in a passionate embrace. Meanwhile, Vivian, still relishing off Carly's incident in the elevator, gets word from Gus that they will soon be able to read the birth certificate and therefore, know the identity of Carly's child.

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