Sneak Peeks Week of May 29, 2006

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Hope finally returns home, but is she alone? Of course not, she has Patrick in tow. But will Hope and Patrick be able to leave their fling on the island? Or are they bringing their tryst back to Salem with them? We all know there’s really only one man for Fancy Face, but will that have to wait as she confronts the reason that she and Bo are not together? What choice words does she have for Chelsea? How will this scene play out?

As for Patrick, it looks like he makes amends with Billie. Does this mean they’re friends again? Or will they resume their love affair?

Back to Chelsea, her trial begins and it looks as if she gets some much needed support. Who from? Her parents of course, but there’s also the cute and charming Max in the crowd. How does he get her through her stressful ordeal? Will anything more come out of it?

Meanwhile, there’s a new hottie in town. Who comes to Salem this week? We’re told his name is EJ and he’s a race car driver. What’s his story? Does he have ties to Max? Whose lives will he affect? Don’t’ miss your chance to meet the dashing new man in town this week on Days of our Lives.