Sneak Peeks Week of May 22, 2006

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It looks like his time has come, as Alex is dealt with for good this week. What happens to the evil doc? Could John have anything to do with his demise?

Elsewhere on Morgan Island, Bo comes upon Patrick and Hope together. Ooh, that can’t be good, but how will he react to seeing his wife with the man he never trusted? Will he be able to get through to his Fancy Face?

Back in Salem, Sami can’t shake the feeling that her future is doomed. Does anything new happen to make her feel that way? Can she be right; is there no hope for our misunderstood heroine?

Meanwhile, Abby is ready to grow up. What does that entail? All we can tell you is it involves a boy named Josh. But what does she have in mind? Will he help her become a grown up?

As for Abby’s dad, his disappearance is finally explained. Where’s he been? Well, we recently saw him in the hospital hooked up to lots of machines and drugs, but what’s going on there? Why is he letting his family think he’s dead? More importantly, does this mean he’s found a way to beat his disease? Watch as Jack rises from the dead yet again this week on Days of our Lives.