Sneak Peeks Week of June 5, 2006

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Are Bo and Hope on their way back to each other? We certainly hope so, but we know of one person who won't be so excited about the possibility. Who's that? How about Chelsea for one. But will she lash out when she starts to smell reconciliation in the air? Perhaps, but first she has to deal with her trial that starts this week. How will that go for the young teen? What exactly is the punishment for running your brother down with your car and then trying to cover it up?

As for Chelsea's grandmother, Kate gets inspired where Sami and Austin are concerned. What does she have in mind for her son and the bane of her existence?

Over at the cop shop, it seems as if one of Salem's finest turns out to be dirty. Who could it be? Abe? Roman? Oh come on, you know that's not the case. So then who is it? It turns out to be someone named Eve. But what has she done and how will it affect those we care about?

And in news we've all been waiting for, Marlena professes her love to John. Well, it's about time! So is it happily ever after for these two? Only one way to find out…watch Days of our Lives all week for the reunion of the year.