Sneak Peeks Week of June 12, 2006

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This week finds Chelsea's trial getting underway. What will happen to the young teen? Can't quite say, but we can share that it leaves Hope devastated. What's caused her to become so distraught? In what will probably turn out to be more miscommunication, Hope thinks Bo has gone to extremes to save his daughter. Is that the case? Or is she a victim of more manipulations?

Across town, Tek and Lexie discover they can't fight their attraction. Will they be able to continue sneaking around and fool Abe in the process? It looks like they'll try, but Lexie has other pressing problems to deal with as well. What's up next for the cheatin doc? As we reported last week, she goes in for another breast cancer test. Will she get the results this week? What will they say?

At the same time, Mimi and Shawn get some upsetting news. What happens to the happy couple? Sadly, Mimi has a miscarriage. Does this mean their chances of having their own child are over? Not quite, as word on the street is they start to look for a surrogate mother. Will they find a suitable candidate? Anyone they know perhaps? You'll have to tune in to find out for yourself this week on Days of our Lives.