Sneak Peeks Week of 5/15/06

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Chelsea’s trial date has changed and Bo must make some decisions. How does this affect Bo? We all know he’ll be there for his daughter, but will he also let Hope attend? Will he fill Hope in on the change of plans, or will he continue to keep mum?

Across town, Jennifer is ready to take her relationship with Frankie to the next level. What does that entail? Just as Jack had hoped, Jennifer agrees to marry Frankie. That’ll make her first love happy, but is she truly ready to do just that?

In other sort of wedding news, Sami thinks Austin is going to propose to her. Why does she think this? Well, Carrie and Lucas are doing it, so why not her and Austin, right? Or wrong? Is Austin really ready to walk down the aisle with his second choice? Or is this just one of Sami’s fantasies?

While across Salem, Caroline and grandpa Shawn plan a birthday party. Who are they helping to celebrate turning another year older? You probably won’t see this coming, but it’s Victor. That’s awfully interesting considering Caroline and Vic’s past, so why is Shawn assisting in the festivities? More importantly, what do they have planned?

Elsewhere, the younger Shawn and Mimi start the In Vitro process. Will it be a success? Will these two crazy kids be able to start the family they never thought they’d have? Can this child really make up for the one Shawn doesn’t know about? Mimi certainly hopes so, but you’ll have to watch and see for yourself this week on Days of our Lives.